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Friday Night Shots – What Game Mechanism Do You Hate?

Hey there. It’s Friday night, the Canadian Club is flowing just a little bit, and it’s time for a little light-hearted discussion about the news of the day. No, not the news that apparently there could be water under the ice on some of… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – What Game Mechanism Do You Hate?”

Imbalanced Boardgames – What’s Wrong With These People?

Yesterday, in the midst of watching my blog views go to new heights because of a small bit of Terraforming Mars news, I saw this tweet from Robin David on Twitter: Cold blooded! pic.twitter.com/hAZLBeEjfd — Robin David (@robinwriting) May 27, 2020 This tweet highlighted comments… Continue Reading “Imbalanced Boardgames – What’s Wrong With These People?”