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Some GMT P500 Games That Need Some Love

I guess we can just say that this week is GMT Games Week at Dude Take Your Turn. I promise to get back to “normal” stuff next week. In doing my GMT Update on Wednesday, I noticed that there are still some games that… Continue Reading “Some GMT P500 Games That Need Some Love”

App Review – Fort Sumter

When news hit a month or so ago that the wonderful 2-player game Fort Sumter was coming to digital via Playdek, I was…well, let’s just say excited and leave it at that (I don’t want to be embarrassed). Now that day has finally arrived,… Continue Reading “App Review – Fort Sumter”

Top 25 Games Played of All Time (15-11)

After a steady couple of days (thanks, Reddit!), it’s time to get back to the real business of this blog. That’s right, fashion shows board games! Apologies for the delay in getting back to the Best Games Played of All Time after a rollicking… Continue Reading “Top 25 Games Played of All Time (15-11)”

New to Me – June 2018

June was a slow month for new games, which I know is seriously disappointing to my fellow cult members. Hey, we all have slow months! Besides, I was busy setting up the Cult of the New to Me fundraiser so wasn’t able to find… Continue Reading “New to Me – June 2018”

Review – Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis, 1860-61

(Edit – 3/26/19) – Guess what! Playdek is bringing this game to digital platforms! Check out my post with the announcement. (Edit – 5/27/19) – Here’s my review of the app! (Edit: This is one of my Top 25 Games Played of all Time,… Continue Reading “Review – Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis, 1860-61”