Some GMT P500 Games That Need Some Love

I guess we can just say that this week is GMT Games Week at Dude Take Your Turn. I promise to get back to “normal” stuff next week.

In doing my GMT Update on Wednesday, I noticed that there are still some games that I’ve “backed” on the P500 that still need some help to break through that 500 order barrier.

I thought I would highlight them here.

Just to remind you, the P500 system means that once an announced game hits 500 orders, it goes into the production process. This could take a while or it could happen reasonably quickly. One of my games that “Made the Cut” has been in that status for over 3 years and hasn’t appeared to move since (that would be Rebel Fury, designed by Mark Herman, which currently has 981 orders).

(not in danger, but I’m wondering where it is? )

(Edit – Mark graciously responded on Twitter saying that the game is getting near completion!)

Reprints don’t necessarily have to hit 500 if GMT wants them in print (the reprint of Skies Above the Reich that I ordered only has 400 orders but it’s already in Art and Final Development).

Also, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t get charged for the game until it’s ready to ship. So you’re not paying now and then not seeing the game for 2 years.

So anyway, these are the P500 games I’ve ordered that not only haven’t made the cut but also don’t appear to be in the production process.

Commands & Colors: Medieval (2nd Printing) – 219 Orders

(Designed by Richard Borg)

With everything going out of print and this wonderful system that I’ve been watching my good friends Michal and Patrick playing, I wanted to get in on this. I already did on the expansion, which is over 900 orders so doesn’t qualify for this list.

This is a reprint (hey, maybe that’s what 2nd Printing means!) so it doesn’t necessarily have to hit 500 orders, but it hasn’t made any progress so I wanted to mention it.

There apparently was some controversy when this first came out because many fans thought “medieval” would be knights and stuff and it’s instead the Byzantines vs the Sassanid Persians.

I notice it says it right on the box, but is that just for the 2nd printing? Was that why people were confused?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Rebellion: Britannia – 372 orders

(Designed by Maurice Suckling and Daniel Burt)

This is a new game, not a reprint, and the subject sounds fascinating.

Let’s quote the game page:

Rebellion: Britannia is a game about the Roman military campaigns to suppress the Silures, Brigantes, and Boudica Rebellions (47-61 CE) and the relationships between the key British tribes.”

It’s a 1-4 player game.

Players play either as Rome or one of the major British tribes (Iceni, Silures or Brigantes).

It’s a card-driven wargame and the winner will be the one who has the most victory points from controlling land, burning Roman infrastructure (hopefully the Romans don’t get any points for that!) and reducing enemy forces.

It looks wonderfully interesting and has the highest solitaire rating, which is a bonus for me! Especially with the 22 x 17 inches mounted mapboard, easily fitting my table.

But maybe I can get some of my friends to play it.

Commands & Colors: Ancients Expansion #6: The Spartan Army – 237 orders

(Designed by Richard Borg)

Now that I actually have the base game, I want all of the expansions! The combined #2 & #3 expansion box is not currently in stock and is not on the P500, so hopefully that will happen soon. The same goes for expansion #4. (#5 is the Epic version of the game, which I’m not really interested in).

Will expansion #6 be useful without previous expansions?

I’m not actually sure.

But I’m looking forward to Patrick’s upcoming videos for this expansion, as they are just starting this expansion after finishing the Imperial Rome one.

This is a reprint so it doesn’t have to reach 500 orders necessarily, but there’s been no movement on this so let’s try to get it up there!

Silent Victory (3rd Printing) – 167 orders

(Designed by Gregory M. Smith)

Another solo submarine game, this one from the American point of view in the Pacific instead of the German.

Zilla Blitz got me hooked on submarine games (though I think I did buy The Hunted before I discovered him) so I ordered this one shortly after that.

But it’s not there yet. 😦

It’s another reprint, so hopefully won’t need the 500 orders.

The Hunters (4th Printing) – 203 orders

(Designed by Gregory M. Smith)

Everything I said above about Silent Victory applies here.

But here’s episode #1 of Zilla’s The Hunters campaign which is what started me down this road!

Let’s hope I can do just as well!

Thunder Alley: Crew Chief expansion (2nd Printing) – 220 orders

(Designed by Richard Launius)

I’ve only played it once, but I loved Thunder Alley and I own it! This racing game that is basically NASCAR without the sponsorship is really intriguing because you run a team of cars and the winner of the game is not necessarily the winner of the race.

Instead, each car gets points based on the position they come in. The team with the most total points wins.

And you’re not just moving individual cars on your turn. Most of the time you will be moving a bunch of cars with you. In fact, it doesn’t pay to be away from the pack because then you will miss out on the sweet movement on other players’ turns!

The expansion adds some luck mitigation cards and a few different ways to play the game.


Of course, there is Combat Commander: Europe, Combat Commander: Mediterranean, and Combat Commander: Resistance that are all short but I think GMT is committed to making sure the entire series remains in print. Thus I’m sure at some point these will head to the art department even without hitting 500 orders.

The rest of the games I’ve ordered have made the cut and are in the production queue somewhere (even if it’s the production queue that’s in limbo somewhere).

I’m happy about that!

Any thoughts on these games (and their expansions)?

Did you want to provide some help to get these over the top?

Let me know in the comments.

9 Comments on “Some GMT P500 Games That Need Some Love

  1. 500 is not the magic number it used to be, back when GMT started the practice many years ago. Depending on the size and components of the game, the break-even point is now closer to 750 or even higher. (E.g. take a look at the price of paperboard (non-corrugated cardboard) over the last 25 years. In 1994 when GMT started the P500 scheme (think it was 1994) the index was about 150 (1982 = 100); now it is 376. (see the sharp increase from 2020, when everyone started eating takeout food in little cardboard boxes and ordering crap from Amazon, in more cardboard boxes.)

    That being said, sign up for Rebellion: Britannia!
    Maurice Suckling is a very smart guy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Brian! I didn’t realize the threshold had gone up, but I think I saw at least one “new” game that actually was in the queue without hitting 500, so I know it’s a bit confusing.

    I think best to say that these games just need some love and don’t worry about the numbers. 🙂

    It’s good to know the history of all this, though. I appreciate it!


    • Thanks. Also, some games languish in the queue because they are slowed in development… COVID has bollixed up a lot of this, also there are even more games under development than ever and there are only so many developers. My own China’s War 1937-41 has been sitting north of 1,500 preorders for quite a while now, but it was only the end of last year/ beginning of this year that the developer could get moving on playtesting. I’m happy to say we are approaching final tweaking stages, then art and so forth… it will possibly be out next year.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nice to know! And I’m sure that’s what’s happened with Rebel Fury too. If I could really justify getting COIN games when I don’t get the one I own played at all, I would definitely be in on yours as well.

        And then I probably would have noticed that it had been a while.


        • We keep pumping these things out in hopes of giving you one that you will let jump the queue to play…
          It’s a truism that we have been spoiled for choice for a long, long time… it’s a far cry from the time when everyone looked forward to the one or two games Avalon Hill would release in a year.
          (Okay, I am not that old, but I do remember the anticipation for the next issue of Strategy and Tactics back when SPI was running it).

          Liked by 1 person

          • It’s not so much the queue as the fact that my gaming people aren’t really interested in them. I’m trying to, though. We’ll see if I can make that happen.


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