Upcoming Conventions – SHUX, Bottoscon & OrcaCon

Since I wasn’t able to get a review done over the weekend, how about a short post about upcoming conventions that I will be attending?

I’m really looking forward to convention season coming up again. I’ve really missed it (as can be guessed from my “Stories from Boardgame Conventions” post), as the last convention I went to was Dice Tower West in February 2020, right before all of the COVID lockdowns started.

First coming up is SHUX 2022 at the Vancouver Convention Centre (my home town!) September 30 – October 2.

My first SHUX was in 2019 and then COVID shut it down since then, but it was a total blast and I can’t wait to be going again. Three whole days of gaming, meeting people (like the incomparable Paula Deming, who I interviewed for my one podcast episode). A few people I’ve never met before but whom I’ve interacted with online (like Daniel from Board Game Feast).

And it will be good to see Ross and Paula again!

Three days of gaming and I even get to go home and sleep in my own bed.

That will be nice.

Secondly, November 4-5 (there is November 6 but I doubt I will be going that day) is Bottoscon in New Westminster, BC. So it’s near me! Just a short drive or Skytrain away.

This is primarily a wargaming convention but some of my friends will be going as well.

But I really want to get some wargames played.

If any of you will be going and want to get a wargame or two in, I’m your man! I’d love to get some Combat Commander (which I’ve played many times but never on the table) or maybe even learn the Last Hundred Yards system.

Any of my wargaming buddies going?

Finally, in January 2023, will be my first OrcaCon since January 2020.

I loved OrcaCon, and while a couple of my friends may be going, I’m really looking forward to meeting up with some of you and otherwise just finding some games with random people that I can learn and have fun with.

The January 2020 convention was an experiment for me because it was the first convention where I didn’t know anybody at all.

This time, like I said, a couple of friends may be going, but I want to get out and meet people as well. I want to meet some of you, some of the board game personalities that I admire, that sort of thing.

Hopefully that will happen!

If nothing else, maybe a last-minute late night game of Paladins of the West Kingdom like what happened last time (and literally saved my convention experience).

Anybody going to any of these? Want to meet up for a game?

Let me know in the comments!

7 Comments on “Upcoming Conventions – SHUX, Bottoscon & OrcaCon

  1. These look very exciting! I hope you have a great time… and if you want to do a second podcast episode, maybe Paula Deming is available again?
    Just kidding – but I did like that one episode. Wouldn’t say no to a relaunch of your podcast 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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