Highlights From the August 2022 GMT Games Update

I was completely surprised to discover that my last post about the monthly GMT Update was from December 2021.

I know I said I was taking over for the Players’ Aid while their written blog was kind of back-burnered due to real-life stuff.

They’re back to writing a bunch but no GMT update recently.

I discovered after three months of doing it, though, that I didn’t really have a lot to say that was relevant so it was becoming almost a bit forced.

And very difficult to write.

I’m not a wargamer (at least in practice, though I am at heart!) so I don’t have the knowledge that people like Grant at the Players’ Aid have to make that kind of in-depth report interesting.

So today, instead of going through the August 2022 update in-depth, I’m just going to give some highlights from it that make me happy.

And hopefully making me happy will make you happy.

This month’s update did have some interesting stuff in it, including one announcement that made me jump for joy in anticipation (so hopefully I won’t be disappointed).

With that being said, let’s begin!

What was the announcement that made me really happy?

There were two related ones, actually, both related to Playdek and GMT and digital games.

(Yes, I’m reusing this…why do you ask?)

First, Playdek announced that the long-awaited Labyrinth: the War on Terror is finally coming out of Early Access on Steam and will be available soon on iOS and Android!

“Soon” hopefully means “now”.

(Ok, hopefully means September)

But the even more exciting announcement wasn’t actually an announcement but a tease!

Let’s quote the update (save me some typing):

“In addition, in the next month we will have an exciting announcement about a new GMT-licensed product we have been working on. I know that is just a teaser for now, but the Labyrinth news is up first. We will be back with that exciting announcement soon!”

What could it be? Could it be the long-awaited Imperial Struggle that it was said Playdek had purchased the rights to, like, 2 years ago?

Or could it be Commands & Colors? Or maybe even, perish the thought, Combat Commander?

The mind boggles.

Another thing they announced is that the cost of shipping and materials has finally caught up to them.

They are going to have to add $1 to the cost of all shipping levels.

Ok, let me get on a rant about this.

Not about the increase!

About why, in our society, they would need to actually feel bad about this.

“I know cost increases are never fun, but we’ve tried to keep this one as minor as possible while still covering some of our excess costs. We appreciate your understanding.”

I appreciate what Gene said in the update, but it saddens me that our society has become so coarse that a statement like that is actually necessary because too many people will take umbrage AT A FREAKING $1 INCREASE.

I mean, really people?

But yeah, they will, so I completely understand why Gene had to say that.

Anyway, beyond that, they also revealed a couple of cool “back of the box” images, including one for the much-awaited Skies Above Britain, another solo aircraft game but one that seems a bit different from the others like Storm Above the Reich.

The back of the box shows some of the contents and it looks very interesting!

That’s a game we’ll hear more about in a moment.

Both of the new P500 additions sound rather interesting, though I didn’t order them because I doubt I could get them to the table (even more of a doubt than the many games I’ve already bought even though I know I’ll never get them to the table…curse you, GMT!)

The first is a 2nd tri-pack of American Revolutionary War games.

Monmouth, Germantown and Newtown are older games so to see them packaged up in a neat little bow like this, and for only $65 US, is a treat!

The second one is Iron Storm: The First World War (1914-1918), a strategic game about the entirety of World War I (in Europe, apparently…are there any games that highlight WWI stuff in non-European locations?) that can be played in 3-5 hours (the Eurogamer in me is cringing at that “short” play time).

I love this, though:

“The game uses an innovative card engine system where each player uses their entire hand in one go to activate armies, resolve operations, and support battles with combat cards. It also simulates human and economic attrition during the course of the war by gradually adding cards to each deck that will have limited use in the hand and take additional effort to remove.”

That sounds amazing. And even better that it appears there will be little rules overhead.

Sadly, I have no opponents that would be willing to sit down to even that amount of time and who are also interested in wargames.

It is compatible with the new CDG Solo system that GMT has released!

But with that playtime, even solo won’t be good for me.

Maybe by the time it’s closer to release, things might be better.

We’ll see.

They’re also reprinting Falling Skies, a Roman-era COIN game that I know my friend Michal likes.

What about the upcoming P500 teases that Gene likes to do?

I have no idea, so I’m not going to try to guess.

Now we come to my favourite part of the newsletter, which is “let’s see how much money Dave is going to have to spend in the next 2 months?”

Ahem, sorry.

It’s called “Charging & Shipping.”

(I like my title better, but it probably doesn’t have the universal appeal that GMT would like).

Charging on September 1 is the Last Hundred Yards: Mission Pack #1.

That will be relatively cheap, thankfully!

Let me explain a little bit about this, and it has something to do with how GMT Games stuff goes out of print and you have to wait for the P500 reprint to happen to get it again.

The system behind The Last Hundred Yards has just intrigued me since I heard about it. It’s a tactical WWII system that is loads different from both Combat Commander and Advanced Squad Leader.

And it just sounds so neat.

I know my friend Patrick Pence (of Combat Commander Ladder fame) has said in a video somewhere why he keeps coming back to Combat Commander and the other WWII tactical systems don’t really appeal to him.

And I get it.

But for some reason, this just looks like fun that’s very different from Combat Commander even though it’s covering the same topic.

Anyway, I’ve bought Last Hundred Yards: Airborne Over Europe and Last Hundred Yards: The Solomon Islands already and I have a P500 order in for the reprint of the original.

I will get this played at some point, even if it takes until retirement.

Or a wargaming convention.

So that’s why I bought this mission pack.

Even better (is more expensive better? I guess so), though, is that in mid to late September, I actually ordered both games that are charging and shipping!

Skies Over Britain (see, I told you that was coming up again) and Charioteer are both going to be shipped in hopefully early October.

The cover to Charioteer looks amazing, but even better is the relatively quick playtime.

Under an hour!

So it could be played at work, which is nice.

After that, it could be a little while before anything I’ve ordered ships.

I have both Twilight Struggle: Red Sea and Inferno (yes, I just ordered a Levy & Campaign series game, mainly on the strength of Zilla’s Nevsky videos) at the printer, but there’s no concrete date on when those will ship because there are a lot of games at the printer!

Speaking of Inferno, isn’t this cover amazing too?

I have to give kudos to the GMT cover designers, especially recently.

They are quite striking.

Finally, I have to once again give Gene and GMT Games credit for highlighting the work of content creators who are covering their games.

A lot of game companies retweet stuff on Twitter that references them, including reviews and previews and stuff. Even more just “like” the tweets but don’t retweet.

GMT does all of that, but these monthly updates also highlight posts from the content creators, including linking to my own, which I greatly appreciate.

GMT Games is an awesome company from what I’ve seen and I can’t wait to hear more from them every month.

And I really want to know what game Playdek is doing next!

So I’ve blathered on enough for this month.

What do you think of all this?

Even if it’s just the covers shown here?

Let me know in the comments.

4 Comments on “Highlights From the August 2022 GMT Games Update

  1. This looks like an excellent format! The GMT update is long enough as it is, so I appreciate your focus on the highlights (which also makes it a bit more personal).

    As for the possible Playdek news: I’m as excited as you! Imperial Struggle is my latest gaming obsession, so I’d play the hell out of a Playdek adaptation. If it’s Commands & Colors or Combat Commander – fine by me as well! So far, I’ve played all three Playdek adaptations of GMT games and have never been disappointed.

    Also curious about Skies above Britain! Let’s see what Gina Willis made of the system – maybe in AARs from my most trusted source of aerial solo game blogging (wink wink).

    I don’t know a lot of non-European WW1 games either… well, there was not a lot of fighting outside of Europe. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Pursuit of Glory (the Paths of Glory spinoff focusing on the Middle East), Schutztruppe: Heia Safari (East Africa) and Empire at Sunrise (naval warfare in Asia and the Pacific – Rocky Mountain Navy covered that one in some depth).

    Anyway, I’ll stop chatting away – great to see these updates back!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No need to stop chatting on my account!

      Thanks for the kind words about the post. I think I may keep these up.

      I’m sure I will be getting some Skies Above Britain play in once I have my table back and it’s in my hot little hands. 🙂

      Yeah, I guess there wasn’t a whole lot of fighting elsewhere in WWI, but I know there was some and it would be nice to see some games on the subject (but would they sell? I don’t know).

      Thank you again!

      Liked by 1 person

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