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Friday Night Shots – How Do You Learn a Game?

We’ve come a long way in this hobby (especially wargames, since that’s what I used to play in my youth) since the days where there were very few games coming out each year so everybody who was interested in gaming actually was playing those… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – How Do You Learn a Game?”

Friday Night Shots – My Take on Game Storage Solutions

(Edit: 4/15/23) – I completely forgot one of my big annoyances regarding storage solutions: never being sure if the game’s going to get an expansion that makes the solution obsolete! Right now, my Dune Imperium box has a hodgepodge of baggies and stuff in… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – My Take on Game Storage Solutions”

Highlights From the August 2022 GMT Games Update

I was completely surprised to discover that my last post about the monthly GMT Update was from December 2021. I know I said I was taking over for the Players’ Aid while their written blog was kind of back-burnered due to real-life stuff. They’re… Continue Reading “Highlights From the August 2022 GMT Games Update”

October 2021 Monthly Update from GMT Games

It’s been since June that one of my favourite blogs, the Players’ Aid, has had a post about the monthly GMT Games update. I’ve missed it (along with all of their other posts). Life happens, I know. Both Grant and Alexander have been extremely… Continue Reading “October 2021 Monthly Update from GMT Games”