News to Catch Up On

Sorry for the lack of posting last week. I was away and just not really in the mood to force any posts up.

Judging my stats, I’d better rectify that now!

Before going further, I can promise that there will be a new review up this week, as well as the much-anticipated (you know you are anticipating it) New to Me – April post!

Anyway, a bunch of small stuff happened last week that I’d like to catch you up on.

So let’s get started!

1) Zombicide arrives on the App Store – kind of

Fans of the cooperative tabletop miniatures zombie game where a bunch of survivors with unique abilities face off against the seemingly endless zombie hordes were quite ecstatic to hear that this one was coming to mobile via Asmodee Digital (of course it’s Asmodee).


It looks great, but it’s not exactly a mobile version of the game itself.

Instead, it’s a solo affair that’s more like a story-based RPG where you can increase the five unlockable characters’ abilities with food that you find during the story missions.

There are 40 “episodes” in the ongoing story and you can replay missions in order to gain more food to level up or if you want to get a “perfect” score on every mission (if a character is hit by a zombie at all, then no perfect score for you!).

I’m not familiar with the tabletop game at all, but apparently there have been a few changes to the mechanics as well.

There are some characters available as IAP, though I wouldn’t know because I can’t seem to get logged into the store.

However, at $4.99, it’s a pretty decent game as long as you’re not a tabletop die-hard who only wants a carbon copy of the board game. As a game set in the Zombicide universe? I’m not unhappy I bought it.

So what else happened?

2) Acram Digital Announces Charterstone coming to mobile


I’m not a legacy game fan. I simply don’t have the playgroup that will play something that many times in a fairly quick succession to finish a game like that.

Charterstone is a legacy worker-placement game that takes place over 12 games. You will be marking up the board with stickers that carry over from game to game.

I’ve always thought that legacy games would work great in a digital environment. I have over 100 plays of Castles of Burgundy online with two friends from elsewhere, so as long as the game is asynchronous, a 12-play legacy game would be child’s play!

You may know Acram from their great digital editions of Steam, Istanbul, and 8-Minute Empire, so their pedigree is really unmatched.

Best of all, all of those games have asynchronous play.

I’m pumped for this! I’d love to try it out.

But I’ll have to wait.

Acram says that expected release is in early 2020.

But I’m sure it will be worth it.

3) Terraforming Mars: Turmoil Kickstarter still going strong


With 68 hours to go in the campaign as I type this, Terraforming Mars: Turmoil has almost 21,000 backers and has earned just over $1.4 million. Pretty good for a game that some were wondering why it was going the Kickstarter route?

(Hey, I wasn’t doubting. I was just asking questions…)

The daily promo card release is mesmerizing to watch, and all of them look so cool!

I can’t wait to get this one to the table when my friend gets his copy.

If you’ve been living under a rock and never heard of this, or if you’ve been on the fence, you have 68 hours left.

Congratulations to Stronghold Games!

4) Playdek releasing Fort Sumter May 21st!

Fort Sumter Screenshot


I was so pumped when I read that Playdek was doing the digital adaptation of Fort Sumter that I rushed a post out that morning.

At the time, it was coming “soon,” but last week Playdek announced that it’s coming May 21st!

One can’t imagine the happy dance I did when I saw that information (I did see it and I almost barfed)

I can’t wait to play this on digital platforms. Especially with the usual Playdek polish that they bring to their apps.

This is a day-one buy for me.

Read my review of the boardgame so that you’ll know just how great this game is.

5) Mystic Vale coming to iOS/Android in June

Mystic Vale - Menu
That “Learn to Play” button looks strangely dim…

I was a big fan of the digital implementation of Mystic Vale when it came to Steam early-access late last year. It had it’s issues, but overall it was pretty great. I even wrote a review when it came out of early-access.

Last week, developer Nomad Games announced that it was coming out for iOS/Android devices on June 6 and will include the Vale of Magic expansion for free.

This is a great one, though it sorely needs asynchronous multiplayer. Hopefully iOS/Android can revive it, but the lobbies are pretty much dead whenever I go to look at them, even if I’m willing to do a real-time game.

Which is sad, because it is a great game.

C’mon, Nomad. Please throw us a bone.


Oh, well. I’ll probably be buying this one as well.

6) One Deck Dungeon comes to phones


Finally, the great solo card game adventure One Deck Dungeon has finally made the jump to phones.

I’ve played the iPad version a bunch of times, but haven’t done the phone one yet. (Too busy lounging on the beach), but since this also happened last week, I thought I would mention it here.

The game, developed for digital by Handelabra Games, is really well worth checking out. It’s a dice-rolling game where you have multiple dungeon floors made up of a deck of room/monster cards.

It’s very cool.

And now you can do it on your phone!

So that’s it.

Wow, maybe I shouldn’t go away and leave you all hanging?

Let the flogging commence!

And happy Monday.




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  1. Fort Sumter by Playdeck should be a cool game – the game itself is perfect for mobile version and the company proved they now how to do the ports of games into the digital world.

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