Tides of Time app updated – they read my review!

Or at least it seems like it, anyway.

At least partially.


Tides of Time from Portal Games came out in app form a few weeks ago, and while it’s a fairly fun game, the lack of multiplayer and a few unfortunate UI decisions made it a game that I wasn’t likely to go back to too frequently.

Yesterday, though, the app was updated and addressed a few of my concerns in addition to quashing a few bugs.

First, they’ve added a rulebook!

That was such a no-brainer that I can’t even imagine that it was neglected in the first place.

But at least it’s there now.

Secondly, there’s a card gallery now!

Another weird decision that’s finally been addressed.

They didn’t address the score bouncing all over the place because the game thinks the AI is a real player and thus shouldn’t see the updated score yet, but that’s not really much of an issue once you get used to it.

Tides of Time

They’ve also made it so double-tapping the cards will let you play them, which is a great addition. You can also preview previous turns’ relics, which I think will come in very handy.

There have also been a few UI upgrades, but nothing truly noteworthy that I saw. The relic preview really helps, though.

Sadly, no asynchronous multiplayer yet, but hopefully that’s on the horizon? I don’t know how well the app has sold so we’ll have to see about that.

Overall, it’s a nice update, but there could be more done.

And again, without online multiplayer, if not asynchronous, the app is probably doomed to be played occasionally but not often.

And that’s sad because the game’s actually pretty fun.




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