Playdek Bringing Fort Sumter to Digital Soon

There I was, getting myself set up to write a review to post today. First thing I did, as most people do, was check my email (ok, most check Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but I’m a Luddite).

Lo and behold, what did I find in there?

I mean other than the usual ED medication spam that I saved for later deleted.

I saw the Players’ Aid post with the news that Playdek is bringing one of my favourite games to digital!

Fort Sumter Screenshot


Yes, Playdek has announced that the next GMT game they are bringing to digital (after the much-anticipated Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001-? ) is Fort Sumter – The Secession Crisis: 1860-1861 (Is Playdek just going down the list of GMT games and choosing by title length? I guess Brandywine will never be seen in digital form.)

I couldn’t be more pumped about this, especially as it will really lend itself to asynchronous multiplayer (even more so than other Card-Driven Games such as Twilight Struggle since you don’t actually execute the event on your opponent’s card if they happen to play one of yours). Playdek is well-known for being the Masters of Async (That was also the name of the rock band I led in college).

Read my review of the game to see what I think of it and why I’m so excited to hear this.

I’m also excited for Labyrinth, since I just tried my first COIN (Counter Insurgency) game last week (hey, maybe that might show up on this month’s New to Me post!) and I’m itching for news on that one (even though it’s not really a COIN game).

More information will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Given that it doesn’t appear that close, I wouldn’t hold my breath for Fort Sumter to come anytime soon unless they have multiple teams working simultaneously.

But the fact that it’s coming is enough to celebrate!


I think I’ll have some champagne instead of, you know, writing that review I was going to write.

There’s always tomorrow!

(Sorry, Dave, I saw the Players’ Aid post first)

(Edit: The GMT Newsletter that went out today mentions Quarter 3, 2019! Not sure what that means for Labyrinth but that’s cool!)

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