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Review – Majesty: For the Realm

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you became King or Queen? What policies would you implement to keep your subjects happy? Or would you even want to keep them happy? Maybe you’re in it for the money? Even before you… Continue Reading “Review – Majesty: For the Realm”

New to Me – August 2018

After last month’s horribly slim post, August was a cornucopia of new to me games! Spanning from the distant past of 2011 to the near future of 2019. This should make my good buddy David at Roll to Review happy. I have a full… Continue Reading “New to Me – August 2018”

Dragonflight 39 – Another Successful Convention

Every August, there is a wonderful boardgaming convention in Bellevue, Washington, called Dragonflight. It’s been held at the Hilton hotel there, and I’ve been going to it since 2015. This past weekend was the 2018 version of it, and it was just as much… Continue Reading “Dragonflight 39 – Another Successful Convention”