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Almoravid – Storage Solution from Rails on Board

I promised at the end of last year that there would be one more of these storage solution posts coming, with me buying Almoravid from GMT Games but not having actually picking it up from our US post box. I finally did, and while… Continue Reading “Almoravid – Storage Solution from Rails on Board”

New to Me – November 2022

November was an interesting month for boardgaming. I went to my second convention this year, a relatively small (compared to SHUX, anyway!) local wargaming convention where I was finally able to get a bit of wargaming done! Considering how many wargames I now have,… Continue Reading “New to Me – November 2022”

Excellent Game Storage From Rails on Boards (Cube4Me)

My good friend Michal from the great gaming blog The Boardgames Chronicle turned me on to a great series of storage solutions for some of my games (mainly wargames). Rails on Boards has created a series of game trays and card trays that really… Continue Reading “Excellent Game Storage From Rails on Boards (Cube4Me)”