Excellent Game Storage From Rails on Boards (Cube4Me)

My good friend Michal from the great gaming blog The Boardgames Chronicle turned me on to a great series of storage solutions for some of my games (mainly wargames).

Rails on Boards has created a series of game trays and card trays that really looked cool when I saw others talk about them as well (like the Players Aid and Zilla Blitz).

Having a few of the games that they offer storage for, I had to check them out!

I have bought Commands & Colors: Ancients, Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles, Time of Crisis, Imperial Struggle, Versailles 1919, Almoravid, and Fields of Fire 2 but so far have only done the two Commands & Colors ones.

But what a difference they make!

Here is my Commands & Colors: Ancients box, before and after.

There is very little lid lift! (Say that three times fast). There is a little bit, but not much. It’s more noticeable if you have it standing on end rather than lying flat.

Here is Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles.

This one I bought the card cases for, so you can see how it looks better.

These trays fit together quite nicely so that you only need a lid for the top tray.

It took me a few tries before I realized that while two block layers would fit in each tray cell, that would prevent the trays from going together.

After that, I figured out that one block layer for all of the bottom trays and then two block layers for the top one where the lid goes works really well.

You know what’s even cooler?

How they color-code them when they send them.

You can see the purple dots on the Samurai Battles picture above.

Really, all of these are just standard trays of different sizes that you can order from them.

You can buy both Commands & Colors sets and you get 10 trays and 2 lids.

Normally, you would then have to figure out how many trays are needed for each game (that example is simple, but maybe you bought 4 games’ worth!).

Rails on Boards puts the colored dots on the trays and also on the invoice, so you can tell which trays are supposed to go with each game.

No creativity needed!

The trays just look really cool.

As I said, I have only done these two games, and they are both block games. I haven’t done the games that come with just counters yet.

I’m sure those are great too, though.

I will update this post once I have done them.

Their customer service is also excellent. I had a question for them and they responded in a few hours (obviously taking into account the time difference, since they are in Poland, so don’t expect that kind of response if you email them at Polish midnight or anything).

That, and when I realized I had forgotten to order the Commands & Colors: Ancients card trays, they sent me a “free shipping” discount code to put in another order for them and add them to the order that I had just placed.


Speaking of shipping, the shipping costs are quite reasonable as well, especially for an international purchase. I was actually able to have them shipped to me here in Canada rather than to our US post box.

They do sell card sleeves as well, though I haven’t used them so I can’t talk about them either.

I think I may have buried the lede, but until November 28, you can take advantage of their Black Friday sale!

Just use code BLACKCUBE to get a 20% discount on your order.

(One minor niggle I had with the site was that it wasn’t intuitive where to put the discount code, but I did figure it out).

They do have a few non-wargame tray sets as well (Anno 1800, Castles of Burgundy, Root and a couple of others).

You won’t regret it and your games will be a lot easier to set up and store!

14 Comments on “Excellent Game Storage From Rails on Boards (Cube4Me)

  1. Hi, I appreciate your comments and am struggling with my first order of trays. For both Samurai and Medieval, I end up with more than one tray that is ‘two blocks deep’. Any ideas?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You may have been making the same mistake I was. The trays fit two layers of blocks. They aren’t any different in that respect. You will have 5 equal trays (for Samurai, I’m assuming Medieval too but I don’t have that one).

      It’s just that the trays won’t lock together if you have two layers of blocks in them. So you have to have one layer in the bottom trays and only two layers in the top where you will be snapping the lid on it.

      Then they will snap together.

      Does that make sense?


      • Yes it does, thank you! I managed to make both sets of trays fit that way. It’s hard to tell from the pics on their site but sometimes the amount of blocks looks less in their pictures than the actual games I have. Thanks for your help!

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          • Just a note that the lids ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT fit onto the trays if the blocks are two-layers deep. Zero chance. Don’t know if they changed something. The Samurai Battles trays give me close to a half-inch of lid lift horizontal, and about 1″ when vertical.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Interesting. I do have a little lid lift but not *that* much. I wonder why.

              There is definitely some when storing the games vertically, that’s for sure.


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