Almoravid – Storage Solution from Rails on Board

I promised at the end of last year that there would be one more of these storage solution posts coming, with me buying Almoravid from GMT Games but not having actually picking it up from our US post box.

I finally did, and while it’s taken me a little while to actually open, punch, and sticker the damned thing (damn, that’s a heavy box), I finally did it!

I had bought many game storage solutions from Cube4Me (Rails on Board) and I bought the Almoravid one because I knew I would be buying the game.

Thus, this time you’re not going to get a “before and after” picture because there was never a “before!”

I put this in the awesome storage solution straight out of the punch and sticker phase.

And it fits amazingly!

I’ll be the first to admit, as one commenter pointed out in my Commands & Colors Cube4Me storage system review, that there is a bit of box lid lift with that series. Both Ancients and Samurai Battles have that lift.

With the other ones, including Almoravid?

Literally no lift whatsoever.

The system comes with one tray and lid for most of the components.

The tray holds all of the counters and a few of the wooden bits (including the blue bits that replace the purple bits (don’t ask)) and the dice.

Then there are eight small trays that hold cards and bits, including one deeper tray.

The purple bits aren’t actually used, replaced by the blue bits!

This is where the cards and the rest of the wooden bits go.

Four of the card trays hold the Command and Arts of War cards for both sides. The other four trays hold all of the military units (and actually, the Cube4Me site shows only 7 of these trays for Almoravid, so maybe I had an extra one somewhere? I guess the purple ones don’t need a tray since you’re not supposed to use them).

Without the card/bits tray, the game box looks really nice, with the counter tray underneath the rules (and extra stickers, which I keep in the box too) and each lord’s muster board.

The card/bits trays fit right on top of all of that, with two layers on one side and another layer on top of the lord boards.

I first played this game at Bottoscon in November and I really enjoyed it.

Will my copy get played sometime?

I hope so!

In the meantime, it’s nicely stored and thanks to Cube4Me for doing that.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments.

And even what you think of the game!

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