Time of Crisis – Storage Solution from Rails on Board

One more for the road.

It’s near the end of the year so it’s time for one more post about storage solutions!

This time, we’re going to be talking about the Cube4Me storage solutions for Time of Crisis from Rails on Board.

Time of Crisis had another issue with it, which made me actually wait before actually using this storage system.

I needed the 3-inch box! Which I ordered from GMT Games in their P500 sale back in November and was finally able to pick up on Christmas Day.

The Cube4Me trays wouldn’t fit in the original 2-inch box.

This is how my game looked before, with a lot of baggies.

Sure, baggies are nice. If you have enough baggies, you can separate everything.

But why not have trays?

The system consists of one big tray that will hold every piece (except the little black pawns that are for the solo bots created in the Time of Crisis: Age of Iron & Rust expansion and the dice).

This tray seals solidly with the lid, meaning you can tip it upside down and everything.

Look! Each barbarian tribe has its own slot!

Each structure has its own slot too (they were all in one bag before). The Roman legions have two slots and the Militia have their own so they don’t sully the slots of their betters (or at least that’s what I heard Tiberius say in the barracks when he was in his cups).

There are even two slots for the bot markers.

There are a lot of cards in Time of Crisis, so six card trays are essential.

One of the thinner ones for the Event deck because that one is small. Then five more for the three colours of cards and the starter cards (36 cards, 9 cards for each player).

You could get two of the smaller ones to separate that colour too, but it’s not necessary.

All of it fits together nice and cozily in the box, and the 3-inch box even has room for the bot sheets! (I had to keep them separate when I only had the 2-inch box).

That looks nice and tidy. It will be easy to get out on the table once…you know, get it to the table again (I need to play this again, guys!).

I can’t say enough about these storage tray solutions. They make the box look so much more organized and look so much better too.

I have one more coming, for Almoravid, but then we will have exhausted (at least so far) the games I have that they carry solutions for.

That I’ve purchased, anyway.

That will be coming in early 2023.

Let me know what you think, and if you might like to actually help me get this game played again!

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