Versailles 1919 – Another Great Storage Solution from Rails On Board

As you can see from previous posts, I’ve become a very big fan of the Rails on Board/Cube4Me storage tray solutions for many wargames.

So far I’ve shown you Imperial Struggle along with two Commands & Colors games.

Now it’s time to show you Versailles 1919, a game about the negotiating of the post-World War I treaty at Versailles.

It’s a game I really want to get to the table as I’ve had it for two years now.

But now at least it looks good and will be easy to put on the table!

Here’s how the game looked before.

Baggies baggies everywhere!

Now with the Cube4Me storage trays, how do you think it will look?

There aren’t a whole ton of counters in the game, mainly discs and cubes, so the storage solution is pretty easy.

It only needs one counter tray!

Everything is organized and fits perfectly in the spaces.

The Strategy and Event cards fit into two card trays, though you do have to split the Event cards into two piles. One of the shorter piles can go into the tray with the Event cards.

Sadly, they don’t have 70 mm x 120 mm card trays yet (hopefully in 2023, I’m told!) so the Issue cards still need to stay bagged.

I hope that will change in the future. Fingers crossed!

Here’s how everything looks in the box, though. (The cardboard insert did have to go away)

Neat and clean and easy to set up!

Now I just need to find some players.

I’ll be coming to you later (hopefully before the new year!) with a couple more games stored so you can see them in action.

Let me know what you think of this, and what you think of the game if you’ve played it!

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