Imperial Struggle – More Great Storage From Rails On Board

Last week I did a post about the wonderful storage trays made by Rails On Board (Cube4Me) for my copies of Commands & Colors: Ancients and Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles.

The lockable trays that will keep everything organized is just amazing, and the ability to hold all the trays together without the lids popping up, I just love.

But I did say that I hadn’t done the trays for a game with counters instead of blocks to see how that would work.

I have now done my copy of Imperial Struggle and it just reinforces my love for these trays.

I somehow had a GMT storage tray (did it come with the game two years ago, as I don’t usually have trays?) and everything was very tightly packed into that one. It was all separated, but putting it back together after playing would not be fun.

I didn’t take a picture of that, unfortunately, but let me show you some pictures of what I was able to do with the Cube4Me trays.

First, the counters fit amazingly in the one tray.

The set also comes with five small trays for cards but they can be put to other uses as well.

The cards are here.

But they fit counters too!

The Imperial Struggle page showed the double-sided flag counters in a bag but when I was done with all of these, I had one more card tray and a bunch of these counters.

I decided to see if they would all fit.

And they do!

If you stack them neatly and properly (so putting them away might be a task, but I’m up for it!).

Putting everything back in the box and it all fits with a lot of room to spare.

I was really impressed with these trays.

This game will be so easy to set out on the table now.

Of course, the difficulty for me is getting an opponent and actually understanding the game myself.

But that’s not the fault of Rails on Boards!

They’re more than up to the task.

Let me know what you think of this one.

I have some more on order and my Time of Crisis game is only waiting for me to get the 3 inch box before I set up those trays as well.

And maybe I’ll do another post about them once they’re set up!

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