November Gaming

November was a good month of gaming, even with missing my final week’s game day and it being harder to get games in at work.

Thanks to BG Stats for these images!

I’ll of course talk about the “new to me” games in this month’s post (probably next week) but I wanted to touch on some of the highlights of the month.

I was amazed that I played 26 different games last month, though a convention and a 7-game Sunday Game Day definitely helped on that front.

Here’s 25 of them!

First, of course, was my monthly Combat Commander game, which is always a fun ride, even better when I win it!

There was also my first play of Viscounts of the West Kingdom with the two expansions (Keeper of Keys and Gates of Gold), which was definitely a highlight.

Though I’ll talk about the game itself in my New to Me post, I will say it was wonderful to finally get a Commands & Colors game in, and it wasn’t even one I own!

I’ve watched so many plays of the system on video that it was nice to be playing it myself.

I haven’t played Raiders of the North Sea in ages, so it was nice to get a surprise game of that in on the Sunday morning of Bottoscon. It used to be in my Top 25 but fell way out last year, probably because I hadn’t played it. (That being said, I don’t think it will jump back on)

It was also nice to get Pursuit of Happiness back to the table, but this 4-hour slog was not my definition of fun. There’s no way this game should take that long.

I look forward to playing it again with a more reasonable length. I think this was a Perfect Storm of Suck (yes, I will trademark that phrase).

Finally, it was nice to get a win in Terraforming Mars at Bottoscon. I took advantage of a great Prelude card and a couple of events to make one of my cards worth 14 points by itself.

I was quite proud of myself for that!

Anyway, this was my gaming November.

What did you play last month?

Any thoughts about these games?

Let me know in the comments.

3 Comments on “November Gaming

  1. I don’t know how you do it! I don’t have the space to have more than one game on the go and as I tend to play, months going into year/s long campaigns of the same game. If I play more than 3 different games in a year its quite a thing. Part of the reason that’s holding me back from Skies above Britain although the cost is the main thing.
    But as it can combine with a game I do already have, I sense my resistance is beginning to waver

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    • Yeah, I haven’t played any really long games. Nothing more than 3 hours, I don’t think. The 7-game Sunday was a bunch of shorter games, most taking under an hour.

      It’s a nice variety!

      I look forward to eventually playing Skies Above Britain as much as I’ve played Storm Above the Reich, but we’ll have to see.

      You have the British RAF game? (I think that’s the one they said it combines with) Cool!


  2. Yep. I have the original version by West End Games. Added a whole heap of historical variant stuff, new events, targets, aircraft types and extending the game to cover the whole period. It doesn’t cross over exactly to the 2nd ed. game so I’ve stuck with the original but I love the idea of linking it to Skies above Britain. If you are a pedant for the historical minutiae, having a full sqdn with all the real pilots named is a must.

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