Pursuit of Happiness expansion – Experiences

Just a quick news post to start the week (it’s Family Day up here in most of Canada, so we’re all at home freezing our bits off instead of at work freezing our bits off).

Last year, I discovered the brilliantly fun game The Pursuit of Happiness when the Community expansion went onto Kickstarter.

I’ve been meaning to get it back to the table after my initial plays last year, but haven’t been able to.

Maybe now’s the time to do that.

All pictures taken from the Artipia Games web site.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences is coming to Kickstarter on February 26!

Designed by Konstantinos Kokkinis, David Chircop and Adrian Abela with artwork by Panayiotis Lyris, this 1-4 player expansion for the base game will add even more stuff to do with your already crowded life that you’re trying to live.

It’s a holiday Monday and I’m lazy, so let’s blurb this puppy:

“The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences expansion introduces the concept of dreams. This new mechanism allows players to store cards of any type on their ‘dream’ board, in order to make them a reality later in the game. The expansion also includes a new board to place the new Experience cards and features new actions. Within the Experiences deck, players will find a wide variety of trips and events around the world. Players also get to have kids, meet new partners, and order services bringing their games to the next level.”

It all sounds really cool, with a neat addition to the regular game play.


I’ll be taking a look at the Kickstarter campaign when it goes live, but at this point I think it will be an insta-back.

And reminds me that I need to play it again!

Check it out on the 26th, and let me know what you think of the base game and the Community expansion if you’ve played them before.

(Edit: 2/26/19) – It’s live! And it funded in two hours! Congratulations to Artipia Games on a successful campaign in it’s first day.

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