Combat Commander Europe – #5 Cold Front

Another amazing write-up by Michal of our continuing series of Combat Commander games. In this one, I am trying to make it across the board with the Germans standing in my way. I’m not the most aggressive player, but I ended up having to take some chances and it ended up working out!

A narrow win, and another great game. Again, thanks, Michal, for writing these up and for introducing me to this world!

I also encourage you to go to his blog and read up on his other wargaming goodness.

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Our campaign with Dave continues. Combat Commander Europe – Base Game – all scenarios played consecutively, one by one, using Play be Email Method. Actually, this is Discord for files exchange and quick consultations whenever there is some question / uncertainty. Today I am presenting scenario number five – #5 Cold Front. As always, let me invite you to picture-rich session report!

Other Combat Commander camping with Dave:#1 Fat Lipki#2 Hedgroves and Hand Grenades#3 Bonfire of the NKVD#4 Closed for Renovation

Cold Frontis kind of attacker (USSR, Dave) vs defender (Germans, Michal) type of scenario. This time it is very cold – end of December 1941 – to the extent that no fortifications of any type can be placed during the game (which hinders defender a lot). Soviet forces just got influx of Siberian troops and are executing another counter-offensive. They are all equipped…

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