Combat Commander Europe – #11 Hold the Line

Here we are with Scenario #11 in the Combat Commander: Europe playthrough that Michal and I did.

Yes, that’s right. Did. Because we just finished scenario #12 today! He’ll be doing the write-up of that as well.

This was a great scenario, though marred by my horrible placement of the broken-down tank. What was I thinking?

Still, I almost pulled it out when a heroic broken squad advanced into a hex with a 9-2 leader, SS squad, and weapon team. And then Ambushed them to the point where we had mutual annihilation! But in the melee roll, he rolled another 9-2 leader as a reinforcement.


Anyway, enjoy this awesome write-up. Thanks, Michal!

The Boardgames Chronicle

With the great pleasure let me invite you to already our 11th Combat Commander Europe scenario which we played with Dave in our epic goal to have all Base-Game covered in a sequence. That particular battle is very interesting and I had already chance to play it couple of times in the past. So the expectation was that it will bring so much fun as previously. And believe me, we were not disappointed!

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Time to provide some more details about the scenario. #11 Hold the Line is one more Attacker-Defender set-up, but with a very intriguing twist – a broken tank! It is July 8th 1944 in France; US…

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