Thunder Alley – Storage Solution With Rails on Boards

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, mainly because I ran out some of the samples, so much so that I needed a tray infusion.

No, not that kind of infusion.

This is another Cube4Me storage tray set that I designed with the trays provided by them.

So thank you for that!

Thunder Alley is a stock car racing game (essentially NASCAR without the license) from GMT Games.

(Editor: “There are some men in black suits knocking on the door. What should I tell them?”)

The game has a few track boards (with hopefully more coming!) and each player is a racing team with multiple cars.

It’s actually really cool and I think it will make a good Sunday game at some point in the near future.

Green’s in the lead! At the start…

Especially now that I have it stored very nicely thanks to Cube4Me.

The set is actually really small, making use of one 25-compartment narrow tray and some card trays.

Each team of cars gets its own compartment (it’s a 7-player game, which is really cool!).

Then there are the Lapped Car markers, two compartments for the VP markers for what place you end up, and the Turn Leader markers.

The majority of the compartments are for the wear markers, as there are a lot of them as you can see.

Three compartments for the green temporary Fuel markers, two for the blue temporary Suspension markers, one for the grey temporary Body markers and a shit-ton (yes, I will continue to use that word) of black temporary Tire wear (ok, literally four of them, but it feels like a lot).

Then there are the permanent wear markers, two each for the double-sided markers.

And that’s it for the markers. The fuel and tire markers could probably be squished into one fewer compartment, but there aren’t any other counters to use.

For the cards, the game comes with a 84-card deck of Race cards and a 26-card deck of Event cards.

That fits easily into two Standard USA 16mm height card trays and one Standard USA 10mm height card tray.

All of this fits really nicely in the box with no lid lift whatsoever.

It’s all nice and tidy!

Having the tray out on the table will make game play really easy, grabbing wear markers as you need them.

Thanks so much to Cube4Me for providing me the trays I used to put this together.

Check them out for much of your wargame storage solution needs!

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