Cities of Splendor expansion coming from Asmodee

Splendor is a relatively fast, pretty fun game about collecting gems and using those gems to buy more gems. It plays in about half an hour and is actually a joy to play (maybe because it’s one of the few games that it’s not surprising when I win).

It came out in 2014 from Space Cowboys and Asmodee and people have been wondering if there would ever be an expansion for it.

According to an Asmodee press release, that wait is finally over! You can stop holding your breath (and you, there, collapsed in the corner, should probably not have been holding your breath since 2014).


Cities of Splendor will be coming out later this year, and it actually includes four modular expansions for the game. I’m not 100% sure from the description whether you can play with all four at the same time or if you have to choose, but I would guess you can play with all of them.

What the expansions are is after the break.

  • The Cities – replaces the Nobles from the base game with double-sided City tiles. The other change with this expansion is that you cannot win the game unless you claim a city.
  • Trading Posts – Introduces the Route to the Orient board offers unique powers to players.  This adds a bit of an engine-building aspect to the game. You can claim achievements, more prestige points, special abilities, the sky’s the limit!
  • The Orient – Adds 30 development cards to the game that sit beside the gem tiles. These cards offer unique powers as well. One of the powers is to give you the ability to reserve a noble card, which tells me that this expansion won’t play with the Cities one.
  • Strongholds – The final expansion lets you muscle out your competition for the various gem developments. When you purchase a development, you can place a stronghold on the board or remove somebody else’s. And if you place all three of your strongholds on the same tile, you may be able to claim it through conquest! (exclamation mark in original press release)

This expansion sounds really interesting. The game, while fun, can get a bit samey after a while. This adds some needed spice to the game.

Looking forward to checking this out!



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