Another Civilization Game Coming?

Every year, just before GenCon, Fantasy Flight Games makes a bunch of new announcements that get the game world buzzing.

Last week there were two: the Fallout: the Boardgame announcement (for which I’m pumped) and the announcement of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition (which didn’t do much for me since I’m not into 10-hour games…and yes, I exaggerate….a little).

This week, just a couple of days before GenCon opens, you can add another game to the list.

Also arriving in late 2017, Sid Meier’s Civilization: a New Dawn is another world-building civilization game (hey, maybe that’s why they named it that…you think?)


This is a cool-looking title with a map of the world that you create every time you play.

You will be building wonders, gaining technologies, gathering armies, making peace with your neighbours (or glorious war if, you know, that’s your kind of thing) all as you try to become the most powerful or influential civilization in the world.

This new game presents players with an undiscovered country to conquer, built from beautifully illustrated map tiles. These would-be conquerors construct and populate the map with barbarians, natural resources, and city-states, then formulate their plans for how they will shape this world to their vision. Their exact goals, however, change with each game. Agendas are detailed on victory cards, three of which are drawn during set up. Players race to become the first to accomplish one agenda on each of these victory cards, spreading throughout the world and ensuring their civilization’s place as the greatest world power.

I love that the map will change, as it makes for a new experience and adds loads of replay-ability.

I love the computer game, even though I haven’t played it in quite a while. And there have been multiple Civilization games published before (Including 2010’s Sid Meier’s Civilization: the Board Game and 2002’s Sid Meier’s Civilization: the Board Game, which I guess is why they had to name it “New Dawn” maybe?)


There’s lots of cool information on the FFG post announcing the game, and I don’t want to steal their thunder.

Head on over there to find out why you just might have to buy yet another game this Fall.

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