Sony Pictures looking to get wood for sheep in upcoming Catan movie

(yes, sorry, I went there even though it’s an old joke)

Movies based on video games have been coming out a lot over the last few years, even though most of them bomb.

But a movie based on a board game? How does that work?

Catan - the Movie
Hopefully it’s full of wooden buildings!

Sony is looking to find out as they negotiate for the rights for Catan: the Movie, based on the 1995 hit boardgame designed by Klaus Teuber. This is the game that many non-gamers are familiar with, at least as far as the name goes.

So it kind of makes sense that if you have to choose a boardgame for a movie to appeal to more than just gamers, Catan would be the first one you look at.

It wouldn’t be the first one I would look at if I wanted to get a coherent story out, but maybe screenwriter Blaise Hemingway can figure that out.

It does have a solid production staff, with Gail Katz (“Pawn Sacrifice,” “The Perfect Storm,” “Air Force One” and others) acquiring the rights a couple of years ago. Daniel Lin (“It”, “The Lego Movie) and Jonathan Eirich.

I really can’t see the need for this movie, but hopefully Hemingway can come up with something interesting.

Maybe they can get this guy to star in it.

Caylus box
I know it’s a different game. But he’s so charismatic! Just go with it…

And there had damned well better be trading in this movie! We need to hear a guy shouting in the marketplace about wood and sheep.

It just wouldn’t be Catan without it.

No word on when this would be coming out. I have a feeling I’ll be watching it on Netflix.

But maybe they’ll surprise me!

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