App News – Race for the Galaxy goes to the Brink of War

I’ve been seriously neglectful of writing about boardgame apps recently, and it’s time to rectify that (I think I’ve been intimidated by Stately Play).

So how about a big announcement (though late, of course, since I was on vacation) about one of the best apps of the year?

That’s right, Candy Crush Saga has something new I’m sure.

But wait! That’s not what I’m talking about.

Race for the Galaxy by Temple Gates Games is certainly in the running for best new app of 2017, and it has a new expansion dropping tomorrow.

That’s right, I said tomorrow! (That’s what a vacation will do to you).

(Editor’s Note: Apparently, a vacation will also make you not able to read dates. December 14th is the release date, and your humble writer thought that was tomorrow)

RftG - BoW box
“All hail, our Temple Gates Overlords!!!”

Tomorrow will see the release of the Brink of War expansion for Race for the Galaxy (my fingers keep wanting to type “bring of war”) and it looks to be a doozy.

There are going to be a bunch of new cards available when this one drops.

Four new starting worlds, thirty-six new developments and other worlds to conquer/colonize/absorb into your tableau, five new goals, and the addition of Prestige.

Prestige will give you another way to win the game (like there aren’t enough already) by giving you a victory point every turn for having the most Prestige. You can also use Prestige to buy cards, but then you’ll be giving those VPs away (and they’re mine! They’re my Precious…)

BoW - Rebels
There seem to be a lot of rebels in that tableau

You will also get a one-time “search” ability that will let you search for a card you need.

The update that will bring this military goodness to our device of choice will also include some other additions/fixes for the app itself.

These aren’t on the Press Gallery site, but Stately Play mentions it in their post about this, so I’m sure it’s true so why not shamelessly copy reference them?

  • 1) Updated Tutorial
  • 2) Better Phase Tooltips
  • 3) More Language Support
  • 4) Duplicate Card Treatment (maybe that’s a nice massage or something? I don’t know)

The expansion will be available on all platforms starting tomorrow at some point (you know you’ll be checking the App Store at 12:01 am, don’t try to deny it) as a $3.99 (US, so probably close to $5 for us poor Canadians) IAP.

RftG - Brink of War
Lots of conquering in this expansion!

In the meantime, you can buy one of the best games of the year for $7 (yes, US$) on iOS, Android, and Steam.

2 Comments on “App News – Race for the Galaxy goes to the Brink of War

    • Not that I’m aware of, but I believe the time is a week so it should be doable.

      But I seem to recall that you weren’t even getting a week, were you?

      If so, I’d send something to them. That sounds like an issue that should be fixed.


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