Acram Digital reveals Istanbul app

Earlier in January, Acram Digital tweeted this.

With the hashtag #screenshotsaturday, I expected something posted the next Saturday.

Then nothing showed up on the next Saturday and I kind of forgot about it.

Dave at Stately Play displayed none of my laziness and was evidently keeping an eye on them, because when they started their contest, I completely missed it.

They were slowly revealing the picture for the game over a series of days, and Dave figured it out before I even knew it was a thing (did I mention the “lazy” thing?).

Istanbul app

Yes, Istanbul is apparently coming this year from Acram in app form.

No formal announcement has been made, so we don’t have any information on it. No release date, no word on multiplayer, or anything like that.

Istanbul is a great game where you are a merchant moving around the tile-based Istanbul bazaar (so it’s modular), leading your assistants to convert resources into rubies.

The trick is that when you go to a location and do something, you have to leave your assistant there. To pick him back up, you have to either revisit the tile or go to the fountain where everybody is gathering.

Thus, it’s a game of planning.

It’s not a super-hard game, but it’s very enjoyable and I really love it on the table.

Getting it in app form will be sublime.

It should have asynchronous multiplayer. Acram’s previous games (Steam and 8 Minute Empire) both have async and they work really well. There’s nothing in Istanbul that would make async difficult.

However, we will see when they do make an announcement.

I’m really looking forward to this.



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