Whistle Stop Puts Mountains in Your Way

Whistle Stop is a relatively light train game published by Bezier Games that unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to play yet, mainly due to a lack of opportunity.

Designer Scott Caputo has not let the fact that I haven’t played it yet stop him from coming up with a new expansion – Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains.

Whistle Stop Rocky Mountains box

This expansion adds a cool 3-D mountain range that players have to try and cross, if they dare. If you do happen to be brave enough (I’m kind of cowardly), you could get lucrative rewards!

You know, victory points.

Or perhaps resources, or maybe lots of other cool stuff.

Whistle Stop Rocky

In addition to all of that, the expansion comes with a bunch of new tiles and shares to give variability to the base game and let players make new decisions on how they’re going to accumulate fame points.

Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains is now available for pre-order on the Bezier Games web site and is scheduled to be released in August 2018.

So maybe I’d better play the base game soon?


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