Through the Ages Coming to Steam!

One of the most asked questions out there is “What’s the meaning of life?”

While Czech Games Edition doesn’t have the answer to that question, they do have the answer to the second-most asked question: Is Through the Ages ever going to come to Steam?

The answer is yes, on March 26.

Steam - TtA

This brilliant adaptation of the civilization building game has been a staple on my iPad since it came out last year (Editor’s Note: hey, dingus, maybe you should write a review of it?).

The game was considered vaporware for the longest time because it was originally supposed to come out a number of years ago (2012, maybe?). CGE decided to bring the game in-house and away from the developer who they had contracted to do it.

When the new edition of the boardgame was being done, they decided to redo the app to match the new version, which just added to the delay.

TtA Tableau
I’m holding my own, but probably won’t win

Sweet Odin, it was worth the wait. The graphics are brilliant, the gameplay is superb, and the interface is so easy to use. Just a tap opens pretty much everything you need.

But this isn’t a review (Editor’s Note: What? Why not?). This is an announcement.

It will be available on Steam on March 26, and for one week you can get it for $10.

You know you want it. So just go get it.

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