Friday Blog Roundup – 2/22/19

It’s Friday! You know what that means, right?

That’s right, it’s roundup day!

(Editor – You started this last week. People may not remember)

This is the weekly post where I tell you about some cool people to check out.

This week, instead of blogs, though, we’ll do some video content instead.

(Editor – That’s it, start a thing a week ago and you’re already changing the format!)

There are tons of great boardgamers on Youtube putting out some great gaming content, and I wanted to highlight a couple of them.


That’s right, video may be killing the blogging star (though I will go out fighting) but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them as well.

The Players’ Aid blog, one of my favourite blogs about wargames and sometimes other types of games (but mostly wargames) also has a Youtube channel where they do video reviews as well as unboxings, previews, and things like that.

I love their video reviews where they just sit and chat about a game. Sometimes, they do a little bit of a “how this game works” overview, but other times they just describe it and then start talking about it (like the excellent Talon review above).

They also do some solo reviews (mostly, if not all, Alexander) which are also great to watch.

However, they also do other video types, like this excellent one from Alexander about reading wargame rulebooks (or rulebooks in general).

I love watching (and reading) Alexander and Grant’s stuff. The blog is definitely worth checking out to see what’s coming up on the wargame scene. (Editor – Way to get some actual written content in here)

The second video channel I’d like to point you to is the delightful Girls’ Game Shelf. This video channel has playthroughs/reviews of various boardgames, or sometimes tutorial/reviews which is pretty cool too.

It’s great fun to watch them play a game, and talk about what they all thought after the fact. And the reviews are more than just one person. They all talk about the game, so it’s nice to get different points of view.

I like how they’re branching out, too. A couple of weeks ago, they did a Kickstarter preview for a game just because Kiki and Melissa decided they wanted to do it.

All of them are a joy to watch, and their enthusiasm can be infectious.

Even better, they are branching out into written work as well! (Editor – Good of you to remember your roots)

Finally, I have to talk about one of my favourite video content producers, and also one of my favourite Twitter follows.

He’s lovable, he’s funny, he’s charming, he doesn’t work out…

Of course, I’m talking about Christian Kang (takeyourchits on Twitter)

He’s constantly the victim of teasing witty banter on Twitter, but that is kind of the persona that he’s developed and he’s very good at it.

As a video producer, though, he’s almost unequaled. I never cease to laugh at the stuff he does.

On Valentine’s Day, he did board gamer pickup lines with the awesome Paula Deming (another Youtuber you should check out).

How about stuff that you know you’ve heard at the game table? Christian has got it down.

His videos are usually fairly short, but they are still completely wonderful. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at some people who are getting paid to be funny.

He also has a great Instagram where he occasionally posts short videos of his musical work. He is incredibly talented.

Sadly, he hasn’t broken out into written work yet. (Editor – then why is he here?) But I’m sure he would excel at it if he decided he wanted to do it.

Christian is a great video content producer and also somebody I love following on Twitter. He’s also one of the few boardgaming “personalities” (meaning people I follow on Twitter) who I’ve actually met. He’s a great guy in person too!

One question, though, Christian.

How do you put up with all the crap you get on Twitter?

I’m…uh…asking for a friend.

(Editor – I heard that)


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