More Terraforming Mars: Turmoil Information Released

Over the last couple of days, my traffic log is telling me that a lot of you are looking for more information on Terraforming Mars: Turmoil and its imminent arrival on Kickstarter.

Well, you came to the right place!

Today I have seen two fairly detailed pieces of information that will make you terraforming fans giggle with glee!

Or, you know, grumble that the game is just getting too bloated and all of that stuff.

For me, I’m intrigued, but still want to see things in action.

The first is a preview video from Man vs Meeple that just posted yesterday.

First, it confirms that the Kickstarter is coming on April 16! That’s, like, really soon now.

Secondly, it confirms what many people have been asking about: five new player boards. No indication of what they will look like or if they’ll be more useful than the paper ones that came with the original game, but the fact that they’re doing it is great!

Doesn’t sound like any other upgraded components, but that could be still kept under wraps.

The video explains a bit more about how the Government of Mars board will work, and how the sixteen new project cards will work with it.

It’s essentially a side game of area control that will give you benefits as you work to terraform the planet. There are six parties that have delegates with the Martian government, and you are trying to have influence with the right ones to be able to do what you want.

If you want even more detail, or if you’d rather read than watch a video, BGG user Caleb Bunch has written up a great review of it using the prototype components that he was sent.

Here’s what he has to say about the Terraforming Committee board:

“Terraforming Committee Board

The majority of the gamesmanship in the Turmoil expansion takes place on this board. The government of Mars seems to have a six-party system and the players are able to influence these parties. Each player is given six delegates; one of which will be free to place each round, the others cost 5MC to place in a factions delegation. The six parties are: The Mars First Party, The Scientists, The Unity Party, The Kelvinists, The Reds, and The Greens.

Each round a new faction will become the ‘Ruling Party.’ Without simply pasting the rules here; I will simply say that the most exciting element of the Committee Board is that each faction has a ‘Ruling Bonus’ and a ‘Ruling Policy.’ The ‘Ruling Bonus’ is an immediate bonus that is implemented when the faction takes office. (Example: The ‘Scientists’ give 1MC for every Science Tag you have when they take power.) The ‘Ruling Policy’ is an ongoing effect that offers special discounts or bonuses. (Example: ‘The Greens’ give you 4MC every time you place a greenery tile as long as they are the ruling party.”

Because of the potentially massive increases in megacredit production, the expansion adds a “tax” of 1 Terraforming Rating each turn to offset this.

The expansion also has events that will positively or negatively affect players. Thankfully, they will be flipped over two generations before they take effect, so you have some time to prepare for them.

Caleb goes into great detail about the whole thing. It’s a great read!

It all sounds really neat, and Caleb says (in the comments after his review) that it adds about 15 minutes in total to the game. Essentially, while there is a lot of stuff going on, it does accelerate things on Mars to the point where it’s not adding too much time.

I’m really anxious to play this, as well as to see what’s on the Kickstarter and what the new boards look like.

Look for the Kickstarter on April 16!

5 Comments on “More Terraforming Mars: Turmoil Information Released

  1. And…until I see a bit more info on how the “side game” integrates into the main game I’m holding off on committing. Am majorly concerned about another side game (looking at you, Venus Next) that distracts from the core game.
    Am also not a fan of Stronghold moving to Kickstarter for preorders. If this campaign is like their Aftershock one then don’t look for discounted price or stretch goals all making KS unappealing. It’s nothing more than advancing a loan to Stronghold without any “interest” paid.
    This is definitely a game that I will wait to get reviews on. It will be at retail if I ever decide to buy it. However, I suspect that even if that doesn’t work out I ain’t gonna miss this one at the table.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can understand that sentiment. I’m intrigued by it, but not sure how it will affect the core game and what you’re actually doing.

      Thankfully, I have two friends who own the game and will get anything TR-related, so I’ll get to try it out first.

      The decision to take this one to Kickstarter doesn’t really make sense to me either, except as a way to get new player boards out to everybody who backs it. Maybe there will be other stuff too?

      Liked by 1 person

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