World Tour: Culture Shock Coming Soon

I can’t believe I missed this.

This blog could almost be called the Smash Up blog (especially after last week’s review of the first World Tour expansion) but yet somehow this news escaped me.

Yes, I already knew (and probably mentioned) that the next World Tour expansion would be called World Tour: Culture Shock, but May’s Smash Club newsletter actually had a brief preview of it!

I need to turn in my badge.


Anyway, apparently it’s looking like this will be out at GenCon, so in August.

Picture me salivating…ok, wait. Don’t do that. That’s gross.

The World Tour: International Incident expansion was so good, and Alderac Entertainment Group is continuing the around the world odyssey with five (yes, that’s not four) new factions.

  • Anansi Tales
  • Ancient Incans
  • Polynesian Voyagers
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • Russian Folktales

This expansion is going to be based on stories in some way, and the cards look like they’re going to have some interesting mechanics.

I’ll only post a couple of them here (go to the AEG post linked above for all the other card previews), but I haven’t been this excited about some of the announced card types in quite a while.

Smash Up - Polynesians

The Polynesian Voyagers look like they’re going to be all about the bases. Pair these guys with the Explore faction, and watch those bases explode!

You won’t know where to play your minions. Neither will anybody else. Hope you’ve got the table space!

Let’s show you the Grimm’s Fairy Tales next, as the artwork (at least on this card) looks amazingly funny.

Smash Up - German Fairy Tales

Hansel & Gretel are, I’m sure, only a couple of your fairy tale heroes that you’ll see in this faction.

It will be interesting to see what other mechanics are in this faction. Is it going to be a power growth faction, or a some kind of support one? Or both?

Check out the AEG preview for more (including the news that there will be no World Tour Event Kit coming out this year, which means the Penguins faction is going to have to be distributed some other way).

Oh, and I guess you can see pretty much all of the cards in the Dice Tower unboxing video too.

I guess there’s that (maybe I should have written this after watching it, but this is raw journalism baby! No editing here…)

(Editor – We’ve noticed)

Hey, what does that say about you?

(Editor – That you don’t listen to me)


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