The OP & AEG Announce New Marvel Smash Up Factions

Even after all of this time, I’m still kind of on the fence regarding the idea of Alderac Entertainment Group and the OP teaming up to do an officially licensed Smash Up expansion.

The idea is cool, and I’m sure the execution will be there, but I’m not quite as excited as I would be for a “regular” one that’s full of funny factions and parodies.

On the other hand, what they’ve revealed so far has shown some really cool artwork and interesting card ideas that make me think this could work.

Especially if they have rules for combining sets even though the terminology is different (“character” in Marvel vs “minion” in the regular Smash Up).

As part of the online GenCon convention that happened over the weekend, a number of presentations that would normally happen with a packed house instead happened on streaming video, and the OP was no different.

They announced four of the eight factions that will be in the game (two of which we already know, so I guess they only announced two new factions): Avengers, Hydra, Ultimates and Masters of Evil.

The video also shows a couple of cards, but they shared two more cards on Instagram.

The cards have great artwork on them, so I will definitely give them that.

Here’s the classic Baron Zemo.

What will the other four factions be?

Will we find out sooner than 5 months after the initial announcement?

Only the OP knows… (since apparently they are controlling the publicity and not AEG).

Will I get this set when it comes out?

Probably. We’ll see if it integrates well with the basic Smash Up, as I’m not really interested in playing this by itself.

According to the earlier announcement, this is only one of the expansions that the two companies are cooking up, so maybe only the co-published expansions will work together?

It’s all up in the air.

As is my interest.

Still, I am definitely keeping an eye on it.

Are you?


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