Fury of Dracula coming in late 2020

(Edit: 1/6/21: I forgot to link to my review here! )

Nomad Games has had great success with app versions of board games such as Cat Lady and, of course, Talisman.

They are now working on an app version of the classic deduction 1 vs Many game, Fury of Dracula. In this game, up to 4 players are trying to find and defeat Dracula (also played by a player).

The app will be coming to Steam and is already available to put on your wishlist. It will also soon after be coming to iOS and Android.

To follow the developments on the game you can go to Nomad Games’ Fury of Dracula page here.

There you will find developers blogs and more information about the game and how it will run.

All screenshots are from the Nomad Games press kit and obviously are not necessarily final as they are still working on the game.

From the screenshots, it already looks amazing with the typical Nomad Games polish. I’m sure they will improve as Nomad keeps working on the game.

So what’s coming in the game?

Let’s take a look.

Fury of Dracula is a game I’ve never played but have wanted to. In the game, Dracula is facing off against the hunters all across Europe. None of the other players know where Dracula is, so they have to try and find him. Then they have to beat him.

Dracula can do things to mislead the investigators too. He’s trying to gain influence throughout Europe and if he reaches the maximum, he wins the game! If the hunters defeat him first, then they win.

Each hunter has special powers, so there is some asymmetry there in regards to what players can do.

Sorry I can’t go into too much detail since I’ve never played it, but I do love these types of deduction games and I really don’t play them enough.

One very positive thing is that the game will come with online multiplayer right out of the gate, though it will only be two player (one player playing up to 4 hunters).

At some point, they will be adding online 1 vs 4 multiplayer to allow up to 5 players to play online.

However, this is all “live” online multiplayer. No asynchronous out of the gate, and while they do say they may look at that later if the game sells well and there is demand for it, I’m not holding my breath.

If they won’t do asynchronous online multiplayer for games that are begging for it (like Mystic Vale), then I can’t see them doing it for this one where it would be a bit complicated.

Still, you can play it offline against AI opponents, and that can definitely be fun (I know Talisman is).

They are still making a lot of improvements, but it’s neat to see how they’re working behind the scenes with the developers’ blogs.

Keep up with the progress of the project (and maybe sign up for the closed beta?) here.

Have you ever played the game? What do you think? Interested in the digital version?

Let me know in the comments!

3 Comments on “Fury of Dracula coming in late 2020

      • I rarely PC game as it is and when I do I’d prefer to play something that is designed as a PC game from the get go. I know with Covid you can’t enjoy the social aspect of the board game the same but I’ve enjoyed many a co-op PC game over skype. Board games on the PC (and tabletop simulator) good as they are feeel like a poor second to me.



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