Concordia Coming to Apps via Acram Digital

Amazing what kind of news gets me to actually post again!

Yes, I am working on other posts (including the next installment of the Top 200) and I know it’s been a while, but I couldn’t let this one pass without commenting on it.

Acram Digital announced yesterday that they will be releasing a digital version of the classic board game Concordia!

The game was published in 2013 and designed by Mac Gerdts with artwork by Marina Fahrenbach, Mac Gerdts and Dominik Mayer

This is amazing, as it’s one of my favourite games and it will be so nice to be able to play it on my iPad or Steam.

Screenshots are from the Steam app – come on, Acram, would it hurt to have your screenshots on your web page be downloadable?

(Edit: I spoke too soon, as I completely missed the Press Kit. Whoops! Apologies to Acram)

What is Concordia?

It is the ultimate version of “trading in the Mediterranean” (sorry Tom) where each player is a Roman trader building trading complexes and trading goods as they try to maximize their points as much as possible.

You do that by playing cards that let you do actions, whether it’s moving some of your pieces around, or maybe getting some money, or maybe it’s getting various resources that will allow you to build trading posts. Or maybe you want to build trading posts!

You’re trying to expand your empire, but the scoring is interesting because it’s based on the cards you have and what type of cards they are.

Some cards will get you points for spreading into different regions. Some will get you points for producing different resources. Some will give you points for how many pieces you have on the board.

It’s a very intricate game and one I really enjoy playing (though I’ve only won once and that was probably an aberration).

The cards you can purchase will not only give you different actions, but the type of card will add to your end-game scoring, so it’s important to plan ahead.

This is one I really enjoy and I can’t wait to see what Acram does with this one.

Acram has done a great job with their digital apps. The asynchronous multiplayer is seamless (though Charterstone is a bit wonky) and there are usually very few major bugs (though again Charterstone is kind of the exception, though they are working diligently to stomp them out).

Concordia is available to put on your Steam wishlist right now, but it’s not scheduled to come out until Q3 2021 (I’m not sure when exactly that is, but it seems too far away).

I can’t wait until this one comes out! I am looking forward to seeing what Acram does with it.

It seems perfectly suited to asynchronous multiplayer, so I can’t imagine that it won’t be included.

What also intrigues me about this?

This statement in the Steam description:

“All of the official expansions will be released”

Seriously? There are a bunch of map expansions plus an expansion that adds “Salt” as a resource.

Is Acram saying all of these will be available upon release?

If so, that is a great thing and my respect for them will increase even more than it already has.

If you like quality boardgame apps, you should definitely add this to your Steam wishlist now.

The Acram page does show that iOS and Android will be coming “soon” so I’m not sure if it will be concurrent with the Steam release or not.

But I am happy to see that it will definitely be coming to digital.

What do you think of this? Are you a fan of the game like I am? Or are you like Tom and not wanting another “trading in the Mediterranean” game?

Let me know in the comments.

5 Comments on “Concordia Coming to Apps via Acram Digital

  1. “Screenshots are from the Steam app – come on, Acram, would it hurt to have your screenshots on your web page be downloadable?”

    I believe you didn’t notice the presskit button in the footer: πŸ˜‰

    About the expansions: They will be released as the DLC, we will try our best to make them ready as soon as possible, but for now the plan is to release the first one (Salsa most probably) in 2 months after the base game.

    Also: Yup we plan to release all the versions at the same day: Steam, iOS, Android and even (God help us!) Nintendo Switch. We would like to provide a Season Pass to pre-purchase them at lower price.


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    • Oh, geez. Sorry about that. That’s what comes from trying to get a post out quickly. I completely missed that!

      Thank you for all the additional information as well. Good to hear about how the expansions will most likely work.

      Since you’re here (hopefully you’ll see this) and talking expansions for Concordia, any idea if you’ll ever be able to do the expansions for Istanbul?


      • There is a chance, no official statement here though πŸ˜‰ what I can say is that it is not off the table. Can’t speak about any estimated date or something.

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