One of My Faves Makes a Game! Red Dust Rebellion from GMT Games

One of my favourite Youtube boardgame personalities is 3 Minute Board Games, a channel that consists of quick and concise boardgame reviews (Editor – So, a channel that you couldn’t be part of, right?). Yes, everything you need to know in 3 minutes!

I have been subscribed to J. Carmichael’s channel for a couple of years now and I like to consider him a friend (despite not knowing his name). I always love his tweets and his videos are awesome!

(Edit: and after reading this post, he tells me it’s Jarrod. Nice to finally know!)

When GMT Games sent out their October update (yes, I promise that this is related), there was a game that sounded really interesting. A COIN (that means “Counter-Insurgency”) game that was removed from the historical basis that they’ve been kept to and instead is science fiction, a COIN game set on Mars in the future.

I unfortunately don’t get much of a chance to get COIN games to the table, so while it sounded fascinating, I didn’t pre-order it.

Then I discovered…that my friend 3-Minute Boardgames actually designed it!

The game is called Red Dust Rebellion and it looks phenomenal.

The game hit the P500 from GMT Games a couple of weeks ago and it’s already at 1046 pre-orders (and that is when I originally wrote this post last week, so I’m sure it’s probably way more by now)

The game plays up to 4 players (as do most COIN games) and each player will be faction in the rebellion trying to keep Mars in its own image.

Being science fiction, the game will have a number of parts that aren’t in most other COIN games.

Here are a couple:

A hostile world – Dust storms will appear and block access to different regions for extended periods of time. Fighting in the densely-populated labyrinths can end up damaging life-giving infrastructure. And the vast surface of the planet means forces can just disappear in the dust.   

The unpredictable raiders – The CR (Church of the Reclaimer) does not use Resources or appear on the standard order of activation. Instead, they use a new system to the COIN series that allows them to interject and decide when they wish to act, allowing for less frequent but sudden moves. “

There are more differences listed on the page, but I don’t want to copy all of them here.

Here’s an image of the cards (prototype, I’m sure) from the GMT page.

Here’s a video where he talks about the game and how it works.

This looks so cool, and I only wish I had people to play it with. If I did, this would be a must-purchase.

However, I highly recommend that you pre-order this using the GMT P500 system and try it out.

It’s already blown past the requirement to be produced so it doesn’t need my help, but it’s still good to get those pre-orders in now before it comes out sometime next year (or maybe early 2022, I’m not sure).

Who knows?

Maybe when COVID has slowed down and I’m meeting people to play games with again, I will actually decide to order it.

Give this one a look.

Are you one of the “It’s a COIN game, I have already purchased it” people? Or does it sound interesting to you?

Let me know in the comments, and go check out his videos!

2 Comments on “One of My Faves Makes a Game! Red Dust Rebellion from GMT Games

  1. I’d love to get this game- question of funds atm otherwise I’d be all over it.

    Being in the UK I’ve never used the P500 system. The associated postage costs seem to negate most of the discounts.



    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, I definitely get that. With shipping sometimes there’s no discount at all, though you will get the game faster than you would otherwise.

      That’s not a big deal for a lot of people, though.

      Right now I have the money to do it so I do. I want to support them directly.

      Thanks for reading!

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