Once again introducing Combat Commander Europe – #1 Fat Lipki

Re-blogging this post from Michal at the Boardgame Chronicle because he says it much better than I ever could.

Combat Commander has become my new obsession, and Fat Lipki was my initial free taste before I fell into the whole trap.

And I’m loving it.

Enjoy this!

The Boardgames Chronicle

I am big fan of Chad Jensen creation – Combat Commander series. I mainly play the European version – you can see my detailed review on this – and whenever possible, advocate to other players the advantages of the system: fantastic rulebook, great replayability and what I like most – the presentation of battlefield chaos and confusion in the game mechanics.

Not having too much options for live play and eager to introduce more players to that title, I am continuing series of asynchronous games with Dave (whovian223). We finished two sessions of Caesar: Rome vs. Gaul and after short discussion, decided on CCE as next.

We use Discord for files exchange as well as for online communication – it works surprisingly well despite all those opportunity fire or hidden mines/wire rules. And let us be honest – we play for fun and are able to evaluate who and…

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