Suburbia 2nd Edition coming from Bezier Games in March

A nice surprise in my email a couple of days ago came from Bezier Games.

After over a year of having just the Kickstarter “Collector’s Edition”, Bezier Games has now announced that a 2nd Edition of its classic game, Suburbia will be coming to stores on March 24.

From the pictures, it looks like it will be the same artwork as the Collector’s Edition, but without all of the bling that was attached to that.

It is kind of hard to tell from the pictures provided in the email, but it does look like Collector’s Edition artwork. Which is great!

It will have the double-sided scoreboard which was the big draw from the Collector’s Edition (the one that came with the original edition was really hard to use) as well as the updated artwork and GameTrayz storage.

In addition to all of that, Bezier will be offering Suburbia Expansions, which will include the new Nightlife expansion that came with the Collector’s Edition as well as various small “Con” expansions (Essen and Cons).

The Expansions box will have its own GameTrayz storage that can be included in the base game box, as stated in the email.

“This box is also organized with GameTrayz™ and made to be combined with Suburbia 2nd Edition by removing the foam and extra cardboard in Suburbia 2nd Edition’s box. “

I have to say that while this is very cool, it kind of makes me regret springing for the Collector’s Edition on Kickstarter. I still haven’t played that, mainly because the storage has really intimidated me and because it’s a huge box that’s hard to take to game days (and now game days aren’t happening anyway).

I think it’s great that Bezier Games is offering this to those who didn’t go for the Collector’s Edition, but I am feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse.

It’s my own fault, though. Not blaming them at all.

I probably should have just waited.

Suburbia is one of my favourite games and having an improved game with new artwork and great storage is a real win for those who haven’t played it before.

I highly encourage you to pick it up when it comes out on March 24.

Sadly, I won’t be because I’m not spending even more money for something I already have (yet haven’t played).

If you haven’t, though, this is a must-buy! The game is great.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to this? Have you ever played the game to know you want this?

Let me know in the comments.

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