C&C Europe – #3 Bonfire of the NKVD

My friend Michal and I have been playing Combat Commander: Europe through VASSAL and he’s basically been like the drug dealer giving me a free sample so that I then buy everything. I have now bought every scenario pack along with Combat Commander: Pacific, with P500 orders for the remaining two Europe modules (and anxiously awaiting when the base game will be on the P500).

So I guess I should say thank you? πŸ™‚

Anyway, another great write-up of scenario 3 where major things happened and the setup was debatable.

Thanks, Michal, for such a great summary and for playing these with me!

The Boardgames Chronicle

We can’t stop. We started to play Combat Commander Europe scenarios with Dave in January and already finished four of them! It really got to us πŸ™‚ All of this in PBEM form, using Discord to exchange files and communicate. Today I am presenting scenario number three – #3 Bonfire of the NKVD. So let me invite you to as usually picture-rich session report!

Other Combat Commander camping with Dave:#1 FatLipki#2 Hedgroves and HandGrenades

Bonfire of the NKVD again places defender (USSR, Dave) against attacker (Germans, Michal). It tells the story of the delaying action by Red Army during the Barbarossa onslaught – it takes place in June 1941, 2 days after the invasion. We have pretty interesting set-up rules as Soviets can place 12 wires after Axis place their forces. Still, the difference in quality of troops is significant – Militia on…

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