Ecos: New horizons Out Today!

Alderac Entertainment Group really needs to work at their hype machine.

One of my favourite new games in 2020 was Ecos: First Continent, which is a world-building game where players are trying to build a world and get points by putting terrain tiles out along with animal tiles in a pattern that fits the cards they have.

And now there’s an expansion!

There was no hype. There was no huge announcement a month beforehand. There was no Kickstarter.

No, there was just an email earlier this week saying “hey, this expansion is going to be out on March 26.”

Yes, Ecos: New Horizon is a new expansion for the brilliant base game designed by John D. Clair (I love him).

And it’s out today in your local game store.

Ecos is a game that I really loved when I played it twice at a convention in January 2020. I bought the game, but it’s not a great 2-player game and, well, COVID happened shortly after that.

My copy has not been played yet.

But I did love the plays I had!

That’s more of an isthmus than a world, but still…

I love the world-building aspect, where each player could be laying down terrain tiles that may house some animals, or may not. And maybe the card that you play will give you a bunch of animals that will then give you a bunch of points!

The new expansion will add a few things that sound like they’ll make the game even better.

Let’s do an email blurb! (That’s a new one, rather than a BGG blurb)

“Now your expanding continent can include iconic landscape features! Add Kilimanjaro, the Sahara, Serengeti and others to your developing world. And of course there are more animals to increase the population of your ecosystem – from Nile Crocodiles to herds of Zebra.”

Yes, the expansion gives you actual landmarks!

That, and there will be new mechanics that let you interact with these new features.

Sadly, there’s no image of the expansion for me to add here, but there really is only one question to ask.

Should I buy this now or should I wait until I have an order that will give me free shipping?

Ecos: New Horizon is available as of today and it sounds like it will make a great game even better.

Check it out today!

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