Combat Commander Europe – #4 Closed for Renovation

Here’s another Combat Commander: Europe session report written by my friend Michal. I’ve been really enjoying these scenarios and I have almost become obsessed with this game.

Like a good deal, Michal knows how to feed my needs where that is concerned.

This is Scenario #4 and it’s a doozy! With some really bad luck on my side (though Michal took advantage of all that brilliantly, so I’m not claiming that I lost because of luck).

Hope you enjoy!

The Boardgames Chronicle

When you said A you should say B – the saying goes. Our Combat Commander Base Game campaign with Dave continues. We just recently tackled scenario #4 Closed for Renovation. The possibility to exchange files via Discord and communicate there speeds up any type of PBEM game. Needed interruptions – likeopportunity fireorhidden mines/wire – can be quickly handled. Also, we play purely for fun, not always monitoring each and every step of opponent; I am really glad that I had some contribution to getting hooked Dave to that fantastic title!

Other Combat Commander camping with Dave:#1 FatLipki#2 Hedgroves and HandGrenades#3 Bonfire of theNKVD

Closed for Renovation provides another interesting challenge between attacker (US, Michal) and defender (GER, Dave). That again means different number of cards – 6 for me, 4 for Dave – and many more actions for…

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