Friday Night Opinions

I realize that it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve done a post, and really it has been at least 2 weeks since I’ve written one (the April 5 post was probably typed out on April 2).

I know I’ve been really affected by this COVID thing and the inability to play a lot of games live. My wife will play some games with me, but she’s not a gamer so the more complicated games are pretty much a no-go until I get to a game day again.

I’ve also been affected by something else that maybe I shouldn’t be, but it’s affected me more than it might affect some people.

Over the last 2-3 weeks, we’ve been getting organized to set up our wills.

Now that I own a condo, it’s pretty important to do prepare for the inevitable (though I hope the inevitable is 30-50 years away). It’s good to make sure our wishes are known not just in case one of us dies, but also in case one of us is incapacitated.

I know this is an important thing to do. I’m happy that we finally got it done (that and other “end of life” stuff).

But thinking about it for the last couple of weeks has been really draining. It’s hard to picture one of us dying, even if it is (hopefully) 30-40 years in the future.

And the fact that we had to do the initial stuff and then meet to sign things over a couple of weeks meant that my mood has been pretty morose over that time period.

I don’t like to think about me, or us, dying, but when you’re doing wills, you kind of have to think about that. What will happen if I die? What will happen if she dies? Or, perish the thought, what will happen if we both do?

During this time, while we’ve been doing the worksheet to give the notary public the information he needs, I’ve had all of this on my mind and I’ve had this mental wall. I’ve just been thinking about the worst that can happen.

And I haven’t been in the mood to write.

I’ve had a few things come up that I thought “hey, this might be cool to write about.” I’ve also received a review code for a Steam board game that I do want to learn and write about.

But my mind has been in one place, and it’s not been in a place that’s conducive to writing.

I have started many posts over the last couple of weeks.

There’s the next entry in the Top 300 BGG list (the most current one is here).

There’s a review of Speakeasy Blues, which my wife helped me play enough games to do a review for.

There are a few others that aren’t quantifiable.

I also have a review code copy of Asmodee Digital’s Game of Thrones digital adaptation that I really need to do a review for but I just haven’t been in a good mental space to try and learn the game.

I have a few other posts started, but each time I try, it just sits there open and then I close it again and play some Slay the Spire. That game is so easy to play and space off for.

Of course, there are other things going on as well. COVID has brought a halt to any in-person gaming except for my wife (which, while she is willing to play anything that I want, I’m not going to subject her to the heavy-duty stuff) but I have been enjoying some of the online gaming sphere (especially Boardgame Arena, which has been adding a ton of games to try) and I’ve joined some communities where we are trying a bunch of Boardgame Arena asynchronous games online to try out a new game.

That has been a great things from this pandemic.

But I want to play face to face. I want to play with my game group.

I have bought so many games during this pandemic, and I think often about how much I probably shouldn’t have. But my outlet for “new to me” games is gone because my cronies who have bring new games to game day are gone right now. I can’t even count how much money I’ve spent on new games.

But it’s made me happy during this time, and I guess that’s the main thing. Trying to stay mentally healthy during this time is very important.

And if buying new games helps with that, I don’t feel bad about it.

But this post is mainly about this blog.

And maybe, now that the stuff about our will is done, I may feel up to posting again.

I hope so.

I hope next week will have a couple of posts. Maybe a review? Maybe some news post (which always seems to jump start me). Maybe something else.

I hope you’ve been keeping well during this difficult time.

Let me know how you’ve been coping in the comments below.

It’s funny. I just touted my anniversary last month and talked about how I’ve been doing with the the blog. And then, shortly after that, I go silent.

Not a good thing.

But I hope to do better.

How are you doing?

7 Comments on “Friday Night Opinions

  1. Dave,
    keep up the good work. Some things are inevitable – and what we can do is to be as best prepared as we can do for them. COVID is not helping but maybe we sometimes need to stop and get additional perspective in this mad word, where all the things are moving so fast?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I think the experience has given some perspective. For once, not living in the moment. And with COVID, we’ve almost been totally living in the moment (because the future seems so far away).

      Thank you, Michal!

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  2. Very relatable! Not that I have experience with making wills (although I should make one too), but I also have trouble learning new games in mentally difficult times. It’s getting a bit better recently – I learned Red Flag Over Paris and Pavlov’s House in the last week. Fingers crossed that things are improving for you as well!

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    • We’re getting there! I’ve been learning some games for turn-based play. It can be a little rough. But I’m looking forward to playing some live Combat Commander and some other things as well.

      Pavlov’s House took me a bit even with the tutorial for the app, but I think I finally got it. Still aren’t very good at it, but I got it. 🙂

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  3. Chin up Dave. We all go through rough spots, you’ve been doing a great job all through the COVID crisis!

    Setting your affairs in order is one of things no one tells you about before property ownership. But it’s well worth doing for some piece of mind.

    One of my biggest concerns is who’s going to get my board game collection!

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    • Thank you, David! That means a lot to me, because I sometimes feel like I’m falling down.

      The board game collection is definitely one thing to keep in mind! My wife said she would probably keep them. And if we’re both gone, then I don’t really care who they go to. 🙂

      It is a good feeling to have this done, though.

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