4 Years and Counting

I sometimes lose track of when I started this blog. Over the weekend, I realized that Saturday was the 4-year anniversary, with my first post going out on March 13, 2017.

It was a review of a wonderful little game called World’s Fair 1893, a game I still really like (though I haven’t played it in a while).

This will be my 446th post and I have to say that it’s been an up and down four years.

There have been times where I’ve posted like crazy and there have been times where I’ve taken almost a month off.

This past year has been hard due to COVID, but after a couple of false starts, things have actually picked up.

The number of times I’ve thought about packing it all in are more numerous than I would like to admit sometimes. I have not always been in the best mental place while doing this blog.

Overall, though, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m proud of what I’ve done with it.

I’ve posted almost 100 reviews, some of apps and some of tabletop games. Those I’m most proud of because one of my main concerns when starting the blog was that I had no business talking about the quality of games when there are people like Dan Thurot out there.

What could I say that they haven’t already? They all say it much better than I do.

Ultimately I decide there’s room for everybody at the table and I should just get on with it. I try to add some humour, or perhaps talk about some games that not many people are talking about at the moment. I hope there are some value-added parts of the blog that people appreciate.

I very rarely get to review super-new games because I just don’t get the chance to play them enough while they are “hot.”

Lately, that’s changed with some reviews of boardgame apps, where publishers are actually sending me codes to review them. Nomad Games has been very good about that, which I really appreciate, but I was also honoured to get a code for the recent release of Pavlov’s House from Bookmark Games and do a review for that game too.

Even Asmodee Digital has done that with the recent release of the Terraforming Mars expansion! That one really surprised me. Getting an email that says “hey, would you like to try this out?” is just so satisfying.

I didn’t get a code for this one, but my review of the Wingspan app is now my first post to organically cross the 2000 view threshold (as opposed to the two Terraforming Mars Big Box posts that just skyrocketed right off the bat due to the nature of the news).

Most of the time, except when I’m going through the throes of “why am I doing this? Nobody cares!’ depression, I really enjoy doing this blog, bringing my thoughts to a few fans and hopefully some other people will come around and check things out too. I’m averaging two posts a week, which is nice I think.

Some of them are just news posts, mainly about things that I’m looking forward to (this is definitely not a site for those looking for every bit of boardgaming news out there).

What I especially enjoy and am proud of is the small community of friends and fellow travelers that I am now a part of.

I’m just going to mention a few here, though there are tons more that I could name if I had space.

I mentioned Dan Thurot above, of the Space Biff review site.

While I will never reach his level of talent for writing and critiquing, he is an inspiration to me. I love reading each one of his posts and in each one, I see a technique (or maybe even a joke) that I can try and emulate.

Then there are Grant and Alexander from The Players’ Aid, a wargaming blog that has also inspired me. They have a great Youtube channel that I will never emulate (I’m not going on camera) but the blog itself has definitely given me great value.

I have to mention Grant specifically because every time I even mention the idea of quitting, he’s there with a quick “dad” look (though he is actually a year or two younger than me) to get me back on track.

Then of course there are Clio (of Clio’s Board Games) and Michal (of the Boardgame Chronicle). They both have become very good friends and they regularly visit the blog when a new post comes out. They also run great blogs themselves!

Clio and I have played many a game of Twilight Struggle using the Playdek app, and we’ve also joined in on Root games with Michal and another guy.

Michal, of course, has been introducing me to Combat Commander from GMT Games through VASSAL, as well as consenting to playing a couple of games of Caesar: Rome vs Gaul since my copy of the physical game is stuck in Blaine, Washington due to COVID.

Michal and I actually became friends through a VASSAL game of Time of Crisis, which is still in my Top 5 Games of All Time.

Kiki Aimerito (who has graciously not even mentioned the fact that I’ve misspelled her last name twice in this blog) has also been an inspiration. When she started Girls’ Game Shelf, I was an early watcher and we did become friends on Twitter as well. While I never got a Grant “don’t even think of stopping” from her, her many general tweets about sticking to what you’re doing, trying new things, and never giving up really have spoken to me. I’ve taken them to heart.

I’m not sure if I’ve told her that. If not, then here is me telling her. Thank you, Kiki.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible Incorrigible Party. Leland, Emily, Jon, Bill and Alana are wonderful people with a great Dungeons & Dragons podcast that is great to listen to. They’re also very good friends on Twitter and I love seeing them pop up in my timeline. Check them out on Twitch too! I like to think we’ve become friends through all of this, though I’m not as active on their Discord as I would like to be.

There are tons of other people who have either shown support, or just been an inspiration to me, either on Twitter, or reading their blogs, or in some other fashion.

I also have to thank my friend Sanna, who came up with the name for this blog (one of our gaming buddies in the past, she constantly had to say “Dude, take your turn!” to because he would constantly get distracted). I think the name is notable enough that when people see it, they might actually remember it.

Four years. I wasn’t sure I would still be doing this blog 4 years ago. COVID really put a crimp in my blogging, but I’ve managed to overcome that and still put out some content, even enough to keep up my regular pace. I’m hoping once COVID is a thing of the past, I can maybe do some other things.

All in all, it’s people like you that keep me going. Every time somebody comes to this blog to read what I have to say (though I sometimes wonder if they’re reading it or if they’re just clicking on it and then clicking away again), it really means something to me.

Thanks to all of you, and here’s to 4+ more years! Maybe I’ll actually reach 1000 posts (my previous blog 10 years ago reached that, I think).

I really appreciate all of you.

Thank you.

13 Comments on “4 Years and Counting

  1. Congratulations on the fourth anniversary! Here are three things I like about your blog (and Twitter! And you!):
    1. You constantly have new and good ideas (like the series on the top 100 games which I borrowed from you).
    2. Your blog is more than board games talk, it’s an important source of board game news for me. New app releases? Board game controversy? You’ve got me covered.
    3. You are an unadulterated source of support, inclusivity, empathy, and positivity to the board games community. I really admire that about you.
    I’m looking forward to everything this blog has in store for us in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is so kind of you to say, Clio. I am glad that those traits come out to you.

    I’m not sure about the news bit, though. If I’m your only source of news, you may be missing a bunch! 🙂 But I’m glad that the news I do post about is valuable to you.

    It’s support from people like you that keeps this going when I get down on myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Many many congratulations Dave.

    I have no insightful comments … just to say that four years of a consistently balanced and useful blog with a personality is a non-trivial achievement. More please!

    Liked by 1 person

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