C&C Europe – introduction continuation – #2 Hedgroves and Hand Grenades

This was an amazing scenario of Combat Commander. Once again I truly have to thank Michal for leading me through Combat Commander. He’s a very good opponent, patient with me and it’s always fun to exchange our files back and forth.

The write-up for the 3rd scenario will not be as good because I totally borked the set-up. But I’m sure Michal will make it entertaining!

In the meantime, read his excellent write-up of our second scenario below.

The Boardgames Chronicle

I am continuing our Combat Commander Europe games with Dave. We had such a blast with the first scenario (see here: Once again introducing Combat Commander Europe – #1 FatLipki) that is was a no-brainier that we will play further scenarios. The pandemic situation is not getting any better so it is really great that we can play in digital format.

Again, we will be using Discord for files exchange as well as for any interruptions – like opportunity fire or hidden mines/wire. It proved to be working quite well and game is really flawless. So let me invite you to as usually picture-rich session report from our second game!

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