Clank In Space Adventures: Pulsearcade Coming in July

If you’re a fan of this blog (and I can see you, Randy…), you know that I love me some Clank!In!Space! (and once again, that will be the last time I use the exclamation marks as the key on my keyboard is getting worn out).

So imagine my glee when I get an email from Renegade Studios yesterday stating that another expansion is coming in July!

Clank in Space Adventures: Pulsearcade, designed by Paul Dennen and Evan Lorentz, will be hitting game stores this July, adding to all of the Clank in Space fun.

I reviewed the game, along with the Apocalypse expansion, already. A review of the Cyber Station 11 expansion will be coming in the next little while (damn you, COVID!)

What’s this expansion about?

Let’s take a look at the extremely limited information from the web page.

The fact that it’s called “Adventures” does say something.

The fact that the page itself says “a series of modules to expand your gameplay” also says something.

It says that there are a series of modules to expand your gameplay.

Weren’t you paying attention?

Anyway, it looks from the cover that it’s definitely going for an 80s feel, with arcade games and neon lights abounding (I’ve always wanted to abound).

You can ransack a vault, spending loot on the black market.

You can take part in deadly competitions on Lord Eradikus’ ship, such as the Danger Theater or some kind of high-stakes race.

You can even find new science, including cloning! I guess we’ll be calling all of the characters Dolly, right? (Editor: “Can you date yourself any further with that joke?”)

The modules will also include “Arcade Cabinets” that will somehow help you steal artifacts even better.

You mean with a Claw Crane?

It has a bunch of arcade stuff in it, so maybe?

The six modules will also have their own rules, which is just intriguing to this blogger (and hopefully to others who are not blogging as well, because, otherwise, you know…it won’t sell).

You know what sounds the most interesting?

There will be a new Market Item called a Disguise Kit, which will help you deal with extra Clank.

I know the first thing I’ll be buying…

This expansion!

Wait, I have to wait until July.

Never mind.

Clank in Space Adventures: Pulsearcade will be hitting stores in July and I can’t wait to find out more about it.

With it being called “Adventures,” does that mean more are in the works?

Who can tell?

But I’ll be there as soon as I can get my hands on it.

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