Combat Commander Europe – #6 Paralyzed from the West Down

I’ve been remiss in reblogging these excellent Combat Commander session reports written by Michal!

This is Scenario 6, and it was a really fun game. We did discover after the fact that the Objective R is supposed to be an Open objective even if it’s drawn by a player, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

But what a tense game and I’ve discovered that I’m a much better attacker than defender.

I will be reblogging Scenario #7’s AAR soon!

Thanks, Michal, for doing such a great job posting these.

The Boardgames Chronicle

With great pleasure I would like to invite you guys to already 6th installment in our ambitious project – playing with Dave all twelve Combat Commander Europe Base Game scenarios. With every game we learn more and more about that fantastic system, we refine our tactics and approaches, we learn cards and what the opponent can do should we decide to pursuit some particular path. Today I am presenting scenario number six – #06 Paralyzed from the West Down. As always, let me invite you to picture-rich session report!

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