Concordia Digital Edition in Beta Soon!

Just saw a tweet and received an email today from Acram Digital, the brilliant programmers behind Istanbul and many other great boardgame apps.

Remember I mentioned that Concordia is the new game from them?

They just released a trailer for it and the beta for it is now open!

The beta sign-up is on the tweet, and I jumped on it as soon as I saw it.

It looks like it’s coming out this Autumn and I for one can’t wait.

It’s not a huge favourite of mine but it is a game I quite enjoy and having a lot of the fiddly stuff taken care of by the app will really help it, I think.

Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you a review of it when it comes out and, if I make it into the beta, I’ll have some first impressions for you.

Until then, get signed up yourself and maybe we can play a game!

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