Combat Commander Europe – #7 Bessarabian Nights

I know, I know. Three Combat Commander posts in a row? I promise I will be posting something different soon, but during my blog hiatus, I wanted to continue to reblog Michal’s brilliant session reports of our Combat Commander games.

This scenario was so chaotic that it was fun! Even though the randomness of my setup made the game almost unwinnable for me. My leaders had no infantry near them!

Anyway, it was still a blast to play, and I wouldn’t mind revisiting it sometime.

Enjoy Michal’s write-up. It’s insane! (the scenario, not the write-up)

The Boardgames Chronicle

Unbelievable, but this was already 7th Combat Commander Europe scenario we played with Dave since January. Recently we added – to our daily routine of exchanging the game log files via Discord – one live session per week. It is not easy to find a slot as there is 9 hours difference between Poland end West Canada. Still, thanks to Dave sacrificing one lunch hour we managed to enrich our gaming experience with this online session.

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What we played this time? #7 Bessarabian Nights – one of the most volatile and crazy scenarios we have seen so far. But first thing first – historical background. It is 1944 and partisan activity at the rear of Wehrmacht is increasing with advancing Red…

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7 Comments on “Combat Commander Europe – #7 Bessarabian Nights

  1. Fully agree that it was probably the most crazy and chaotic scenario we played so far. First of all, random se-up. Then no points for exit – we just had to kill each other. And thirdly – woods everywhere, obscuring almost all visibility. Still, a great fun to play together.

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