Legendary Marvel – Annihilation Expansion Update

(Edit: 9/8/21) – Apparently they’ve now finally announced a release date of September 15. Here’s hoping!)

If you’re a fan of Legendary: Marvel, and judging by my blog hits even when I’m not posting anything for a couple of months, you are, then you may be interested in this update.

Due to printing issues, the Annihilation expansion didn’t meet it’s January 2021 release date.

However, Upper Deck (the publisher for this Devin Low-designed deckbuilder) has stated that it will probably now be coming out in August. Not only that, but the goal is to have all of the announced expansions still come out this year.

That would be great!

Upper Deck has done three blog posts for the Annihilation expansion, and the third one has the most interesting reveal yet.

Yes, one of the Heralds of Galactus cards is actually…Galactus!

And he’s also one of the villains in the Annihilation Wave villain group.

He’s badass no matter which version you have.

Of course, his Heralds card doesn’t really help if you play cooperatively, since having him eat the last City space means you win, nobody else does.

But it does sound fun!

In addition, the blog post reveals two of the schemes: Pulse Waves From the Negative Zone and Sneak Attack the Heroes’ Homes.

The former scheme has cards alternately cost more and cost less to buy/defeat on your turn depending on how many Scheme Twists have come out.

The latter scheme adds a twist by altering your starting deck. Each player gets to choose a Hero to be one of the included Heroes in the game. The player than gets three differently-named non-rare cards from that Hero’s deck along with three Wounds. That is in addition to your normal 12-card starting deck.

It sounds fascinating!

Previous posts on the Upper Deck blog have outlined the Conqueror and Momentum keywords as well as bringing back the Focus mechanic along with the Man/Woman Out of Time mechanic.

Each post also revealed some of the cards that will be doing all of this stuff.

I have to say that I like it when they reuse key words or other mechanics from previous expansions. It makes it a lot easier to mix and match and still get some synergy between cards.

I’m also glad to see the Fantastic Four in Legendary again! It’s been way too long.

Fingers crossed that Annihilation will still be coming out in August.

And hopefully they are able to meet their goal of producing Doctor Strange, Messiah Complex and the Marvel Cinematic Universe expansion for Guardians of the Galaxy this year!

We’ll just have to see.

Check out the Upper Deck blog posts linked above for all the information they’ve released so far on this expansion.

It looks very cool.

(And thank you for bearing with me as I took a fairly lengthy hiatus from the blog to deal with a bunch of stuff. Things are getting better and with me fully vaccinated now, I hope to be actually getting more into games soon so I’ll have stuff to talk about!)

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  2. I imagine the Galactus would go well with other playable villains like Thanos, but I find the problem when practically playing against each other you will need a weak mastermind.

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