Combat Commander Europe – #8 Breakout dance

Another of Michal’s awesome reports on our Combat Commander: Europe games. This is the scenario that taught me that sometimes you just have to move and play cards to make something happen.

I was sitting waiting for the perfect cards and Michal’s troops were slowly surrounding me.

I decided “screw it, let’s just start moving” and things actually started going better! I ended up losing, but it was a nail-biter and I almost made it off the map.

Great scenario and I’m looking forward to trying it again at some point.

Thanks, Michal, for your great write-ups!

The Boardgames Chronicle

Welcome to the already eight installment in my and Dave endeavor to play all base game scenarios in the Combat Commander Europe. Our enthusiasm is not waning, we are having blast with each new session and still learning new strategies and tactics. Discord for files sharing and VASSAL to play asynchronously prove to be fantastic tools.

Other Combat Commander scenarios in our camping with Dave:#1 Fat Lipki#2 Hedgroves and Hand Grenades#3 Bonfire of the NKVD#4 Closed for Renovation#5 Cold Front#6 Paralyzed from the West Down#7 Bessarabian Nights

What we played this time? #8 Breakout dance – a scenario which brings completely new level and depth in the tactical combat. How is that possible? This is first set-up with hills! They add so much possibilities – for cover, sneak approach, concealment, vantage points placement, hindrance negation – you name it.

It is 1943 and the war…

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