Shards of Infinity – Into the Horizon – Out Now!

Very quick post today to let you know that a new expansion to the wonderful deck-builder, Shards of Infinity, is out now and will hopefully be making it to your FLGS or online game store soon! It’s called Into the Horizon and has some cool new mechanisms.

While the Relics of Infinity expansion is a must-have for this game, this expansion looks pretty cool as well.

What does the Into the Horizon expansion give you?

Let’s do a bit of a blurb, just so I don’t have to try and reword all of this.

“Two new gameplay mechanisms are featured in this set: Destinies and the evil Ingeminex. Destinies allow players to spend valuable Mastery to gain an incredible advantage during gameplay. The Ingeminex are a new source of tension that seek to harm all players, but can be defeated with a well-timed use of power.”

Yes, the Into the Horizon expansion appears to give you something else to do with Mastery as well as giving you another opponent to face in addition to your actual opponent (is that good or bad? We’ll have to see).

There are 60 new cards in this expansion, though 30 of them are the Destinies, 5 are the Iingeminex cards, and only 25 are new center deck cards.

But that’s still a lot!

I’m really looking forward to this expansion.

It’s on a pre-order with 401 Games, where 2 of them (Storm Above the Reich and Teotihuacan: Expansion Period) are currently in but this expansion and Legendary Marvel: Annihilation are still awaiting arrival to have the whole order shipped. Once they are all in, I will be getting them and I can’t wait!

Anyway, the Into the Horizon expansion looks to add some interesting stuff to the base game.

One thing I’ve noticed about deckbuilders, and you may disagree with me on this, is that the addition of new cards and new mechanisms is almost required to keep the game fresh.

The Relics of the Future expansion was very necessary because it gave a reason to care what faction you actually were. Into the Horizon just sounds like it adds cool stuff to the game.

And how can you go wrong with that?

Shards of Infinity: Into the Horizon is available now on the Ultra Pro web site and will hopefully soon be at your game store where you can pick it up.

I can’t wait to see it!

Do you like the base game as much as I do? I’ve played a whole bunch of games on the app but have also played a bunch of 2-player games on the table with my wife.

I hope to get more to the table as COVID restrictions ease.

Let me know what you think!

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